Enterprise security

Unmatched integrated security to protect your most critical information workloads and assets

Ultimate security: Protecting critical business assets with System z

Security is designed into System z – it is not an added on feature. System z' s rich set of built-in security capabilities can help you simplify and improve a complex set of operational security processes. System z is designed for the highest level of security for commercial grade platforms. Businesses that embrace System z can take advantage of:

Security Intelligence and Analytics. Advanced Security and Threat Research.

Consolidated security management for mainframe clouds

IBM zEnterprise. Unified Resource Manager.

Get actionable insight with security intelligence for mainframe environments

IBM zEnterprise security solutions

Case studies

  • Itaú

    Itaú Unibanco simplifies and strengthens security with zSecure

    The largest private institution in Brazil, Itaú Unibanco was looking for new ways to make its operations faster and safer

  • Outtasking gives BADER control and security for the future

    Mail order specialist relies on the latest technology and professional system management from IBM

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zSecure for Superior Mainframe Security

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IBM provides world-class IBM mainframe technology to help today's enterprises respond quickly to evolving business conditions and with extreme flexibility. From automation to advanced virtualisation technologies and open industry standards, IBM mainframes help deliver competitive advantages for enterprises contributing and succeeding on a smarter planet

Operating Systems

IBM System z servers are supported by a multitude of operating systems, such as z/OS, z/VSE, z/TPF, Linux on System z and the z/VM hypervisor.


IBM's technology, solutions and industry expertise can help you find the competitive edge with a sharper understanding of your customers. Our System z solutions combine the foundation of IBM hardware, software and middleware with flexible financing and packaging options to help your business meet and overcome the challenges of doing business in the on demand world. IBM can help you develop a customer-centric view—and assist you in delivering the right solution and the right products.

zEnterprise security white papers

Consolidating Security across platforms with IBM System z (PDF, 1.53MB)

Organisations that rely on mainframes to run critical applications should consider using the mainframe as an enterprise security hub.

Secure the enterprise with confidence

Forrester analyses increased security threats and their risks to sensitive business information

Technical Information

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Considerations for making Systemz your ESB deployment platform (PDF, 950KB)
By Nick Burling, Andrea Greggo, Carl Wohlers and Elena Wood, IBMSoftware Group; and Paul DiMarzio and Bill Jones.

How secure is your enterprise System?
Check out the numbers and what they mean for your business.

IBM zEnterprise System – Network Security (PDF, 707KB)
This paper describes why, for many customers, traditional network firewalls will not be required for their network traffic associated with multi-tier application workloads within a zEnterprise Ensemble.