Lower your monthly cost by up to 50%

More for less

If you had an extra $300k for your IT, what would you spend it on?

Would you like to spend it on the maintenance costs for traditional x86 or RISC servers, or would you like to invest it in a streamlined, optimised IT infrastructure?

The Enterprise Linux Server

The IBM Enterprise Linux Server can improve IT economics and drive greater performance. It can help you to reduce both cost of acquisition and cost of ownership.

  • triggerThe better choice for your IT spending

    100 cores of traditional x86 or RISC servers is likely costing over $600k. You have a better choice:
    HALVING THE COST: An Enterprise Linux Server* with 4 cores with enough capacity to run comparable workloads costs roughly HALF of typical 3-year maintenance costs compared to 100 cores of traditional x86 or RISC servers.
    DOUBLING THE CAPACITY: An Enterprise Linux Server* with 6 cores has the capacity to run DOUBLE this amount of workload with maintenance costs over 3 years that won’t exceed your 3-year maintenance cost of 100 cores of traditional x86 or RISC servers.

    * Pricing is based on USD, prices may vary by country. Price of ELS includes zEnterprise 114 (z114) server, three years of z114 maintenance, z/VM virtualisation software One-Time-Charge (OTC) and z/VM Service & Support (S&S)

  • triggerCost Benefits

    The Enterprise Linux Server (ELS) can help lower your IT costs with its support for massive consolidation of older x86 and RISC servers, running up to thousands of virtual Linux servers concurrently.

    * Based on an IBM Study, US ELS pricing, pricing may vary by country.

  • triggerSingle-server Simplicity

    The Enterprise Linux Server allows you to run all your modern applications on one single server, which can save software license and management costs, floor space and energy.

    The Enterprise Linux Server is designed to handle data and generate insight from data, help transform the economics of information technology, and deliver IT services without boundaries.

    The Enterprise Linux Server can do that, through IBM’s advanced virtualisation technology, automation features and highly-scalable server capacities.

  • triggerScalability to grow horizontally and vertically

    The Enterprise Linux Server virtualisation software has the ability to virtualise and share all system resources - processors, communication, memory, storage, I/O and cryptographic features – thus providing advanced resource utilisation and enabling flexible and dynamic resource allocation with a single point of control. The Single System Image feature, available with the latest software version, allows a cluster to be managed as one system.

    Together with the advanced data-in-memory techniques, nearly 100 percent utilisation of the system resources nearly 100 percent of the time can be achieved. This is in stark contrast to solutions that offer limited single-system scalability.

  • triggerUnmatched Availability and Security

    The Enterprise Linux Server is based on the IBM System z server technology, which is considered by many industry experts to be the most available and secure server in the marketplace. The Enterprise Linux Server is designed to avoid or recover from failures for extremely high levels of business availability, even as a single server instance. In addition, the latest virtualisation software version allows for nondisruptive Live Guest Relocation, avoiding planned software and server outages.

    Availability in an Enterprise Linux Server goes far beyond the server hardware. The availability design point focuses as well on the applications, which results in an integrated environment where hardware, firmware, virtualisation software, Linux and middleware work in concert to provide application and data availability and security.

The IBM Enterprise Linux Server can do more for less, providing an ideal platform for IT optimisation and cloud computing, an IT infrastructure for the new era we call Smarter Computing.

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