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Introducing the fast,agile & resilient X6 portfolio from IBM

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Give your business ambitions,the edge of speedy decisions Introducing the fast,agile and resilient X6 portfolio from IBM Click there

Accelerate your business growth with IBM System x tower servers

You need to make the right choices with the limited IT budget you have. You want to keep your costs low but you need to invest wisely on the IT purchases you make today that will power your business tomorrow. You need servers that offer business-class performance and technology that can grow to meet the future needs of your small office and distributed environments. IBM® System x® towers allow for easy deployment and management designed for limited IT experience. You can trust their 24/7 dependability and business-level security. Our portfolio provides a range of tower selections for businesses.

Two-socket tower servers

IBM System x3500 M4

An all-in-one business solution you can put under your desk. The x3500 is an enterprise-class two-socket tower server designed for business critical applications. Supporting 768 GB of memory, 32 2.5-inch hard drives and the latest Intel Xeon processors, the M4 generation x3500 can meet the most demanding needs of a growing business or a distributed enterprise on a reliable, secure platform.

IBM System x3100 M4

Just because you have a small business environment doesn't mean you have to cut corners when it comes to the server running it. The x3100 M4, featuring the latest Intel Xeon processor, is a compact, quiet server that is optimised for small business and franchise environments. And it comes with server-class reliability necessary to run your business at a low entry price point.

IBM System x3300 M4

The x3300 M4 is the value-priced performance tower for your emerging business. This flexible, future-proof server let’s you optimise for cost while allowing for growth. See the outstanding performance, efficiency and security you need to address today’s complex desk-side or retail environment.

Product Demo

Watch a demo of System x3300 M4 features and benefits.

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