Tower servers

System x M5 Tower servers

Lenovo System x3500 M5

All-in-one two-socket tower server (with available 5U rack mount), with big performance and storage configurations in a small footprint for business-critical enterprise workloads. Built with advanced levels of security, reliability, efficiency and scalability.

Business use:Ideal applications include: Retail, Point of Sale, Cloud Computing, Analytics, Desktop Virtualisation, Database, SAP, ERP, Collaboration, File And Print, Web Serving, Infrastructure Security and System Management, Business Continuity, Backup and Recovery

Form factor

Tower (5U rack-mountable)

Processor family

Intel Xeon processors E5-2600 v3 series

Number of processors

Up to 2 processors / 36 cores

Memory capacity

Up to 1.5 TB with 64 GB* LRDIMMs
* 64 GB DIMMs available at a later date.

Internal storage

Up to 32 2.5-inch hot-swap hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid state drives (SSDs), or up to 12 3.5-inch hot-swap HDDs or 6 3.5-inch simple-swap HDDs, or a combination of up to 16 2.5-inch hot-swap HDDs/SSDs plus up to 6 3.5-inch hot-swap HDDs

IBM System x3100 M5

The x3100 M5 delivers business-class performance, energy efficiency, and reliability in a compact tower.

Business use:Ideal applications include file and print, email and collaboration, firewall and distributed office/small business applications

Form factor

4U/5U tower server (model dependent)

Processor family

Choice of: Intel Xeon E3-1200 v3 series (quad-core), Core i3 series (dual-core), Pentium series (dual-core) and Celeron processor(dual-core)

Number of processors

1 processor maximum

Memory capacity

Up to 32 GB/4 DIMMs

Internal storage

Up to 24 TB

System x M4 Tower servers

IBM System x3300 M4

Provides a balance of performance, availability, scalability and ease of management in a compact design to help meet general business requirements.

Form factor

4U tower server

Processor family

Up to two Intel Xeon E5-2400 series processors

Number of processors


Memory capacity

Up to 192 GB, 12 slots (UDIMM/RDIMM)

Internal storage

Up to sixteen 2.5-inch hot-swap or eight 3.5-inch hot-swap or simple-swap HDDs

IBM System x3500 M4

This high-performance, 5U dual-socket tower or rack server delivers reliable performance and optimised efficiency for your business-critical applications.

Form factor

5U tower server with optional rack-mount capability

Processor family

Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v2 series

Number of processors

Up to 2 processors / 24 cores

Memory capacity

Up to 768 GB / 24 DIMMs

Internal storage

Up to 51.2 TB of 2.5-inch hot-swap drives (HDD upgrade options required) or 48 TB of 3.5-inch hot-swap or simple-swap SAS/SATA HDDs

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