IBM SmartCloud Storage Access


Growing data storage demands coupled with shrinking or nearly flat IT budgets place extraordinary pressure on IT managers. Many organisations see cloud as a way to deliver storage services more effectively while saving both time and cost, since cloud environments can support new ways to make storage solutions more efficient and agile.

IBM introduces the IBM SmartCloud Storage family, which helps customers become cloud agile by improving agility, security and functionality for storage – in the cloud. As part of this family, IBM offers IBM SmartCloud Storage Access, an easy-to-deploy, simple-to-use software solution that features a self-service portal for storage provisioning, monitoring and reporting. It is designed to provide users with a self-service file-serving facility over the Internet. With a few clicks, users can create an account, provision storage and start uploading files.

Feature Benefits
Self-service storage provisioning
Web-based access
Monitoring, reporting and chargeback services
Service catalogue
Capacity elasticity
Approval process support
Cloud storage integration application programming interface (API)

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