IBM System Networking SAN96B-5


To meet dynamic and growing business demands, DCs are evolving into highly virtualised environments with cloud-based architectures. This approach enables organisations to consolidate and simplify their IT resources, resulting in increased business agility and lower capital and operating expenses. However, enterprise DC must be able to keep pace with the changes driven by these increasingly virtualised workloads and storage resources. Selecting the right network is therefore key to realising the full benefits of these cloud-based architectures.

The IBM® System Networking SAN96B-5 switch is a high-density, purpose-built, foundational building block for large and growing storage area network (SAN) infrastructures. It is designed to provide highly resilient, scalable and simplified network infrastructure for storage. By delivering market-leading, Gen 5 FC technology and capabilities with 16 Gbps performance, SAN96B-5 meets the demands of growing, dynamic workloads; evolving, virtualised DCs; and highly virtualised, private and hybrid cloud storage environments.

Product features

Support for highly virtualised, private and hybrid cloud storage and DC consolidation with high scalability in an ultra-dense Gen 5 FC 96-port switch
“Pay-as-you-grow” flexibility using the Ports on Demand (PoD) feature
2, 4, 8, 10 or 16 Gbps speed on all ports
Advanced monitoring, diagnostics and reliability, availability and serviceability(RAS)
DC-to-DC security and bandwidth savings
Support for the latest hot aisle/cold aisle configurations
Optimised link and bandwidth utilisation
Comprehensive management of DC fabrics, including configuration, monitoring and management of IBM b-type backbones, switches and adapters

Hardware summary

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