What can it do for your business?

IBM DS8880 offers two business-critical hybrid-flash data solutions designed to support your cognitive business in the digital era.

These bulletproof data systems are powered by the proved IBM DS80000 enterprise software platform. They deliver mission-critical acceleration, uncompromising availability, unparalleled integration with IBM servers, and transformational efficiency.

Evaluator Group explains how next-generation IBM DS8880 solutions reduce costs and address the need for greater storage system performance in mission-critical applications.


Bulletproof world-class design boosts performance and avoids data loss

  • Improve business efficiency while reducing operating expenses
  • Manage business data growth with up to 3.2 times more capacity in the same physical space* for storage consolidation and data-volume demanding workloads
  • Enable faster decision making with up to 2 times better performance
  • Provide excellent business continuity with 24x7 access to data on high-demand transaction processing workloads where data integrity is critical

Two customisable model options to meet your business needs

IBM DS8884 business-class system

Provides advanced, easy-to-use functionality for running critical workloads on mainframes, IBM Power servers or distributed systems, either as a dedicated platform for consolidated systems or for multiple platforms. Delivered within an affordable, flexible and space-saving package.

IBM DS8886 enterprise-class system

Streamlines operations and improves customer serviceability with a hybrid storage solution. Is backed by 24x7 availability and extreme functionality for multi-site replication and deep integration with IBM z Systems, IBM Power or distributed systems. All provided in a dense yet expandable package.

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Why buy IBM DS8880?

  • Mission-critical acceleration. Extraordinary performance for critical enterprise applications such as real-time operational analytics and online transaction processing. Optimised for extreme performance with High-Performance Flash Enclosure Gen2.
  • Unparalleled integration. Extensive server platform support with special integration with IBM z Systems and IBM Power server platforms. Flexible configuration options, advanced tiering and automated QoS management to support systems of insight and cloud initiatives.
  • Uncompromising availability. Exceptional resiliency and extraordinary business continuity for critical enterprise applications.
  • Transformational efficiency. Enterprise Choice warranty of 1, 2, 3 or 4 years on hardware and advanced functions offers dramatic opportunities to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). Advanced function license packages help you easily order and install the necessary tools to manage, protect and secure your data. Exceptional investment protection with feature interoperability across multiple generations. Extreme flash performance helps organisations convert data into insight.

Features and benefits

Feature Benefits
Unparalleled integration with IBM z Systems and IBM Power servers
  • Provides mission-critical acceleration, high efficiency and uncompromising availability with z Systems, Power servers and distributed systems
Scalable flash configurations
  • Provides high flexibility to deploy flash performance for critical workloads
  • Delivers extreme performance for mission-critical applications with High-Performance Flash Enclosure Gen2
IBM POWER8 controllers
  • Balances controller processors dynamically across input/output (I/O) requests for balanced data throughput for intensive data processing and uncompromising availability
Innovative caching
  • Optimises real-time workload requirements with dynamically self-tuning cache usage for transformational efficiency
Flexible configuration options with enterprise serial attached SCSI (SAS), nearline SAS, solid state drive (SSDs) and ultra-fast flash cards
  • Supports high-end consolidation and multi-tenant environments
IBM Easy Tier
  • Automates placement of data across and within drive tiers to help optimise current workload requirements
I/O Priority Manager (QoS manager)
  • Automates QoS management for all application volumes for effective consolidation and multi-tenant environments
Full Disk Encryption (FDE) drives
  • Protects sensitive information from internal and external threats with virtually no impact on performance
IBM FlashCopy
  • Helps ensure data recovery in the event of source data loss with point-in-time data copies for backup or replication
  • Enables data to be copied in the background while making both source and copied data available to users almost immediately
IBM Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, Metro/Global Mirror, IBM z/OS Metro/Global Mirror, Global Copy and Multiple Target Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (MT-PPRC)
  • Enables flexible business-continuity scenarios with true four-way and multi-site data replication, in a wide range of configurations
  • Helps ensure continuous access to data during planned and unplanned system and site outages
IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot
  • Provides application-aware FlashCopy and remote mirroring for popular enterprise applications
Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Simplifies and centralises storage management, enabling more effective consolidation
Storage Tier Advisor
  • Easy-to-use tool provides volume-based recommendations on where to deploy flash by analysing current workload performance
Thin provisioning
  • Reduces storage costs by automating the process of capacity provisioning and increasing capacity utilisation
Super Parallel Access Volumes (Super PAVs)
  • Enables simultaneous processing of multiple I/O operations to improve throughput and I/O response times
Copy Services Manager
  • Simplifies copy services management and protect data with an extraordinary, easy to use interface intended to automate advanced replication services
Support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and US government standards profile for IPv6
  • Supports next-generation Internet protocol with increased security, addressing space and routing performance and services


Models DS8870 (961, 96E) DS8880 (984, 985, 986, 982)
Shared SMP processor configuration IBM POWER8
DS8884 – dual 6 core
DS8886 – dual 8 core or dual 16 core/24 core
Processor memory for cache and nonvolatile storage (minimum/maximum) DS8884 – 64 gigabytes (GB) to 256 GB
DS8886 – 128 GB to 2 terabytes (TB)
Host adapter interfaces 4- and 8-port 8 Gigabits per second (Gbps) or 4-port 16 Gbps
Fibre Channel/IBM FICON
Host adapters (minimum/maximum) 2/8 host adapter pairs
4- and 8-port 8 Gigabits per seconds (Gbps), or 4-port 16 Gbps
Fibre Channel/IBM FICON
Host ports (minimum/maximum) 8/128
Drive interface 6 Gbps point-to-point switched serial attached SCSI (SAS)-2 connection to an 8 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC) backbone
Device adapters Up to 16 4-port, 8 Gbps
FC paths
Maximum physical storage capacity* 4,608 TB (hard disk drive (HDD)/solid state drive (SSD) + 614 TB (flash cards)
HDD/SDD sizes 200 GB flash drives
400 GB flash drives
800 GB flash drives
1.6 TB flash drives
300 GB (15k rpm)
600 GB (15k rpm)
600 GB (10k rpm)
1.2 TB (10k rpm)
1.8 TB (10k rpm)
4 TB (7.2k rpm and 3.5-inch form factor)
6 TB (7.2k rpm and 3.5-inch form factor)
Flash cards High-Performance Flash Enclosure:
400 GB
800 GB
High-Performance Flash Enclosure Gen2:
400 GB
800 GB
1,600 GB
3,200 GB
RAID levels 5, 6, 10
Dimensions (height × width × depth) DS8884
1.91 m × 0.62 m × 1.38 m (6.27 ft × 2.03 ft × 4.53 ft) enclosure
DS8886 expandable to 46U enclosure
1.91 m × 0.62 m × 1.38 m (6.27 ft × 2.03 ft × 4.53 ft) 40U enclosure
2.19 m × 0.62 m × 1.38 m (7.19 ft × 2.03 ft × 4.53 ft) 46U enclosure
DS8884: up to three frames total
DS8886: up to five frames total
Dry bulb temperature 16°C – 32°C (60°F – 90°F)
Relative humidity 20% – 80%
Power supply Configurations: single-phase 50/60 Hz
Caloric value British thermal unit (BTU)/hr. (maximum) DS8884 (984)
18425 BTU for Base Frame
18084 BTU for Expansion Frame
DS8886 (985) Single Power
25249 BTU for Base Frame
22519 BTU for Expansion frame
DS8886 (986) Three Phase Power
22860 BTU for Base Frame
21837 BTU for Expansion Frame
Electrical power kVA (maximum) DS8884 (984)
5.4 kVA for Base Frame
5.3 kVA for Expansion Frame
DS8886 (985) Single Power
7.4 kVA for Base Frame
6.6 kVA for Expansion frame
DS8886 (986) Three Phase Power
6.7 kVA for Base Frame
6.4 kVA for Expansion Frame
Warranty All models: onsite service, same day, 24×7
4 years on type 2834 models
3 years on type 2833 models
2 years on type 2832 models
1 year on type 2831 models
Supported systems For more details on supported servers, visit: ibm.com/systems/in/storage/disk

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Both the DS8886 and DS8884 are built around new IBM POWER8® multicore processors embedded into dual controllers within the system.

They also come with a new IO Bay interconnect that features PCIe Gen 3 for increased internal component interconnection bandwidth and up to 128 ports for external host connectivity.

See how IBM DS8880 delivers enhanced performance with IT agility

Evaluator Group report

Reduce operational support costs and address the need for greater storage system performance in mission–critical applications.

Frost and Sullivan report

Discover key strategies for protecting your business and preparing for the data-driven future.


Get higher performance with lower operating costs, especially in the mission-critical and mainframe environments where DS8880 systems are deployed.


See how DS8880 helps the world’s largest companies accelerate insights, minimise downtime, and protect the security of millions of customers.


Enable high availability with multiple target peer to peer remote copy, delivering increased resiliency and flexibility in disaster recover implementations.

Solution brief

Enable your data centre for systems of insight and cloud environments with unparalelled integration with IBM Power servers.