IBM DS8880

Bulletproof hybrid- and all-flash data systems, made for the cognitive business


Innovative IT leaders are becoming the trusted service providers for their enterprises, moving quickly to deliver value across the ecosystem, enabling new services and business models. Achieving these goals requires a new perspective on the critical capabilities needed to empower business leaders. As organisations start to move at an ever-faster pace, they are required to gain insights faster, protect critical data, eliminate downtime and avoid business risk – all at the same time.

IBM® storage systems have become imperative to helping IT leaders manage the changing conditions in the modern enterprise, including the dynamic demands of cloud, mobile, social, analytics and cognitive strategies.

As IBM systems continue to expand into new workloads, IBM is introducing a new family of business-critical all-flash and hybrid data systems to support the most demanding application workloads. The new IBM DS8880 family is powered by the proven IBM DS8000 enterprise software platform and delivers mission-critical acceleration, uncompromising availability, unparalleled integration with IBM servers and transformational efficiency through leading-edge capabilities.

DS8880 is an enterprise storage system designed to enable your infrastructure for systems of insight with high-performance, high-capacity, secure storage for the most demanding mission-critical environments.

Common features

Hardware summary

Feature Benefits
Unparalleled integration with IBM z Systems and IBM Power servers
Scalable flash configurations
IBM POWER8 controllers
Innovative caching
Flexible configuration options with enterprise serial attached SCSI (SAS), nearline SAS, SSDs and ultra-fast flash cards
IBM Easy Tier
I/O Priority Manager (QoS manager)
Full Disk Encryption (FDE) drives
IBM FlashCopy
IBM Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, Metro/Global Mirror, IBM z/OS Metro/Global Mirror, Global Copy and Multiple Target Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (MT-PPRC)
IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot
Intuitive GUI
Storage Tier Advisor
Thin provisioning
Super Parallel Access Volumes (Super PAVs)
Copy Services Manager
Support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and US government standards profile for IPv6
Models DS8870 (961, 96E) DS8880 (984, 985, 986, 982)
Shared symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) processor configuration IBM POWER8
DS8884 – dual 6 core
DS8886 – dual 8 core or dual 16 core/24 core
DS8888 – dual 24/48 core
Processor memory for cache and nonvolatile storage (minimum/maximum) DS8884 – 64 gigabyte (GB) to 256 GB
DS8886 – 128 GB to 2 TB
DS8888 – 128 GB to 2 TB
Host adapter interfaces 4- and 8-port 8 gigabits per second (Gbps) or 4-port 16 Gbps
Fibre Channel (FC)/IBM FICON
Host adapters (minimum/maximum) 2/8 host adapter pairs
4- and 8-port 8 Gbps, or 4-port 16 Gbps
Fibre Channel/IBM FICON
Host ports (minimum/maximum) 8/128
Drive interface 6 Gbps point-to-point switched SAS-2 connection to an 8 Gbps FC backbone
Device adapters Up to 16 4-port, 8 Gbps
FC paths
Maximum physical storage capacity* 5,222 TB hard disk drive (HDD)/solid state drive (SSD) + 614 TB (flash cards)
HDD/SDD sizes 200 GB flash drives
400 GB flash drives
800 GB flash drives
1.6 TB flash drives
300 GB (15k rpm)
600 GB (15k rpm)
600 GB (10k rpm)
1.2 TB (10k rpm)
1.8 TB (10k rpm)
4 TB (7.2k rpm and 3.5-inch form factor)
6 TB (7.2k rpm and 3.5-inch form factor)
Flash cards High-Performance Flash Enclosure:
400 GB
800 GB
High-Performance Flash Enclosure Gen2:
400 GB
800 GB
1,600 GB
3,200 GB
RAID levels 5, 6, 10
Dimensions (height × width × depth) DS8884
1.91 m × 0.62 m × 1.38 m (6.27 ft × 2.03 ft × 4.53 ft) enclosure
DS8886 expandable to 46U enclosure
1.91 m × 0.62 m × 1.38 m (6.27 ft × 2.03 ft × 4.53 ft) 40U enclosure
2.19 m × 0.62 m × 1.38 m (7.19 ft × 2.03 ft × 4.53 ft) 46U enclosure
1.91 m × 0.62 m × 1.38 m (6.27 ft × 2.03 ft × 4.53 ft) enclosure
DS8884: up to three frames total
DS8886: up to five frames total
DS8888: up to two frames total
Dry bulb temperature 16°C – 32°C (60°F – 90°F)
Relative humidity (RH) 20 Percent – 80 Percent
Power supply Configurations: single-phase 50/60 hertz (Hz)
Caloric value British thermal unit (BTU)/hr. (maximum) DS8884 (984)
18425 BTU for Base Frame
18084 BTU for Expansion Frame
DS8886 (985) Single Power
25249 BTU for Base Frame
22519 BTU for Expansion frame
DS8886 (986) Three Phase Power
22860 BTU for Base Frame
21837 BTU for Expansion Frame
DS8888 (982)
27637 BTU for Base Frame
15015 BTU for Expansion Frame
Electrical power kVA (maximum) DS8884 (984)
5.4 kVA for Base Frame
5.3 kVA for Expansion Frame
DS8886 (985) Single Power
7.4 kVA for Base Frame
6.6 kVA for Expansion frame
DS8886 (986) Three Phase Power
6.7 kVA for Base Frame
6.4 kVA for Expansion Frame
DS8888 (982)
8.0 kVA for Base Frame
4.4 kVA for Expansion Frame
Warranty All models: onsite service, same day, 24×7
4 years on type 2834 models
3 years on type 2833 models
2 years on type 2832 models
1 year on type 2831 models
Supported systems For more details on supported servers, visit:

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