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IBM® Systems Director Active Energy Manager™, the cornerstone of IBM's energy-efficient technologies and services, helps organisations effectively monitor and manage power and thermal usage of its IT environment. Active Energy Manager provides IT and Data Centre managers with a single view of actual energy usage across systems, and facilities, within the data Centre. organisations can utilise real-time, and historic, data to initiate actions improving resource utilisation, availability, and service; while reducing energy consumption and cost.

Active Energy Manager measures, monitors, and manages the energy and thermal components of IBM systems enabling a cross-platform management solution, simplifying energy management of IBM servers, storage and networking equipment. In addition, Active Energy Manager extends the scope of energy management to include non-IBM systems, facility providers, facility management applications, PDUs, and equipment supporting the IPv6 protocol. Integration with a wide range of systems and facility provider platforms, and Tivoli enterprise solutions as IBM Tivoli Monitoring (US), enables organisations to accurately understand the impact of the power and cooling infrastructure on servers, storage, and networking equipment. The depth and breadth of Active Energy Manager enables IT and Data Centre managers to effectively manage server operations, while ensuring adherence with energy policies, and constraints. With IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager, organisations can take steps to reduce energy costs, optimise resource efficiency, and improve service.


IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager increases energy efficiency and reduces costs by:


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Active Energy Manager is included with IBM Systems Director Editions, or available separately as a plug-in option for IBM Systems Director. Active Energy Manager 4.3.1 requires IBM Systems Director 6.2.1. If the product is installed on an older version of IBM Systems Director, you will be prompted to perform an upgrade before accessing full functionality. Consult the Installation and User's Guide (PDF, 545KB) for full plug-in requirements.

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The latest version of Active Energy Manager is available for download via this site. Take advantage of the 60 day trial opportunity to see for yourself how this solution will enable you to measure, monitor and manage the energy components built into IBM Systems enabling a cross-platform management solution. Active Energy Manager extends the scope of energy management to include facility providers to enable a more complete view of energy consumption within the data centre. For continued use of IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager management functions beyond the 60-day trial, the offering must be purchased.

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