Fundamentally chaange the way you run your IT infrastructure.

Smarter choices for improved IT economics.

Reduce complexity, gain agility.

IT managers of legacy Sun and HP servers are turning to IBM for a flexible and optimized infrastructure platform that can dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of delivering IT services and enable business agility.

Advanced virtualization in IBM PowerVM®, enables you to go beyond consolidation of physical servers to automate the management of virtual resources. You can free up resources and improve performance by consolidating thousands of underutilized servers onto a single, high-performance Power® system.

With the IBM PureFlex™, a member of IBM’s family of expert integrated systems, you can reduce the time to deploy, manage and provision UNIX, Linux and Windows workloads onto a single PureFlex system. PureFlex arrives with built-in expertise for rapidly deploying infrastructure as a service on multiple platforms.

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The facts that really matter

Security rating of 'excellent' or 'very good' by IT Managers Graph. 90% IBM AIX on Power vs 75% HP UX 11i on 9000
AIX on Power Systems – 90%
HP UX 11i V3 – 75%
How IT managers voted on security

AIX wins hands down on security

Security has become an increasingly critical issue today and organisations have realised that security risks are major speed breakers in their path to growth. IT managers are looking to minimise security risks by using a trusted operating system and focusing all their energies on the organisation’s growth.

According to the ITIC 2011 Global Server Hardware and Server OS Reliability Survey, 90% of all IT managers who were interviewed rated AIX has highly secure. That’s 15 percentage points more that its closest UNIX-based competitor, HP UX. The IT managers who voted in favour cited AIX’s consistency, the inherent ‘bullet- proof’ nature of its source code and IBM’s quick turnaround time in fixing security issues as the primary reasons to choose AIX.

So, if you’re thinking UNIX for your organisation, think only AIX.

According to the ITIC 2009 Global Server Hardware and Server OS Reliability Survey,
9 out of 10 IT managers voted IBM’s AIX on Power Systems™ as the most secure OS.

Click here for an in-depth look at what makes AIX the most
secure platform in its class.