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IBM AIX on Power™. 57270. Windows 2008 Enterprise edition on HP Proliant. SAPs For organisations running on enterprise level SAP solutions, AIX on Power™ provides 64% higher scalability and 54% higher SAP per core performance, than its closest competitor.

AIX, IBM's UNIX platform on Power System™, is the ideal OS for organisations running enterprise level SAP solutions. According to published SAP Standard Application Benchmarks 2012, AIX on Power™ not only provides 64% higher scalability but also 54% highter SAP per core performance, than its closest competitor.

Additionally, according to an independent white paper entitled 'Value Proposition for IBM Power Systems' published by International Technology Group, AIX on Power™ provides a 30% lower Total Cost of Ownership over a three-year period.

So, if you are an organisation focused on aggressive growth, look no further. Think UNIX, think AIX.

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