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FACT:Netezza up and running in 24 hours.

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4 out of 5 companies that try Netezza, buy Netezza

The IBM Netezza Testdrive makes it easy to sample the simplicity and high performance of our data warehouse appliance on your site, with your production data. IBM Netezza seamlessly integrates server, storage and database into a data warehouse appliance that arrives pre-configured and optimized, right out of the box.

Your company benefits from 10-100 times faster analytic performance without the hassle of constant tuning and maintenance.

Take the IBM Netezza Testdrive in 3 easy steps:

  1. We ship an IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance to you for trial.
  2. IBM Netezza is up and running in 24 hours (really).
  3. 84% of trial customers keep IBM Netezza for good.

An added bonus: You'll pay as low as 1/6 to just 1/2 the cost of Oracle Exadata. If all this seems impossible, we'd be glad to ship one to you, too.

To take the IBM Netezza Testdrive yourself, register through the link below. For an in-depth, itemized comparison between the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance and Oracle’s Exadata, download our comparison eBook.

Dare to compare

An itemized comparison between the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance and Oracle's Exadata.

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Take the Netezza Test drive

We'll bring our appliance to your site and test it openly with your data to provide proof of our performance rather than promises.

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The fundamental differences between the Netezza TwinFin and Oracle Exadata solutions.