IBM Flex System

Go beyond blade severs.
No-compromise, comprehensive infrastructure.


Discover what IBM Flex System  can solve for you in this interactive game.

Discover what IBM Flex System can 
solve for you in this interactive game.

IBM Flex System
Custom-build infrastructure to your requirements

IBM Flex System represents an entirely new generation of technology, with more performance and bandwidth, true integrated enterprise SAN storage, and far more capability to consolidate and virtualise than previous systems. A game changer.

Businesses around the world have a timely opportunity to move forward beyond blade servers, transforming the data centre by bringing together servers, networking, and storage – all under integrated management – with IBM Flex System.

Your business needs an infrastructure solution with a flexible architecture to support your needs today, but also designed to support multiple generations of future technologies. You need simple, integrated management to keep operational costs down, but you also want a no-compromise design with long-term investment protection.

Whether you need to migrate an existing blade server infrastructure to simplify management and improve performance and flexibility, or implement new workloads, IBM Flex System can meet your needs.

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Starting with an innovative chassis designed for new levels of simplicity, reliability, and upgradability, IBM Flex System can help you go beyond blade servers. With a broad range of x86 and IBM POWER compute nodes, the Flex System V7000 storage node, enhanced networking capabilities and sophisticated system management capabilities, you can upgrade your existing blade server infrastructure and make your IT simpler, more flexible, more open, and more efficient.

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IBM Flex System

Go beyond blades with the latest enhancements to Flex System.

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Dare to compare

Find out how Cisco’s UCS compares to IBM Flex System.

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Dare to compare

Why IBM Flex System is the best blade solution on the market.

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See how Flex System Manager compares versus a competitor.

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Leadership performance

IBM Flex System x240 delivers virtualisation performance over the competition.

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IBM Flex System

IBM Flex System Manager for Android, Blackberry and iOS.

Go beyond blade servers with IBM Flex System

Compute nodes that go beyond blade servers

Networking capabilities designed for virtualisation and cloud

Storage capabilities optimised for efficiency and performance

Management integration with IBM Flex System Manager™

The community speaks

"The NGS Collection for Pipeline Pilot, combined with the IBM Application Ready Solution for Accelrys, provides a turnkey NGS analysis solution with all the required high performance hardware: General Parallel File System, high speed networking, and storage,to support our customers' most demanding workloads."

- Dr. Matt Hahn, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Accelrys

There are many more voices describing the benefits of IBM PureFlex System and IBM Flex System.

"It has been a pleasure to work with IBM, optimising our enterprise software running on the IBM Application Ready Solution for CLC bio platform. We are proud to offer this pre-configured, scalable high-performance infrastructure with integrated GPFS to all our clients with demanding computational workloads."

- Mikael Flensborg, Director of Global Partner Relations, CLC bio

"Initial testing with Gaussian 09 indicates that IBM Application Ready Solution offers excellent performance. When coupled with IBM's storage offerings, the Application Ready Solution brings capability to run very large Gaussian problems conveniently within reach of more end-users."

- Dr. Michael Frisch, President, Gaussian, Inc.

"While ANSYS is optimised for HPC performance, the task of selecting the appropriate hardware for specific workloads remains a bottleneck for customers. IBM Application Ready Solution for ANSYS should ensure that ANSYS applications perform optimally. The focus on application integration and engineering workflow, including remote 3D environments, will also add value for ANSYS customers seeking to boost engineering productivity. The combined solution should enable consideration of a greater number of high-fidelity simulations more rapidly and helps customers ensure that their products perform as expected in the real world."

- Barbara Hutchings, Director of Strategic Partnerships, ANSYS


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1 IBM Flex System Flash on the x240 supports up to 1.6 TB compared to Dell M610 with 800 GB.

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Customer Quotes

"Indo Farm Equipment Limited is an ISO company that manufactures world-class tractors, cranes, engines, diesel gensets. We have grown over the past decade and today we export our machinery all over the world.

We are keen on building a robust and scalable infrastructure that can keep up with our growth so we chose IBM to run our ERP applications. We find IBM products easy to manage with GUI capability. Besides IBM was able to show us detailed road map of their products.

We have purchased IBM Flex System Chassis with Flex Node x220, SAN Storage V3700 along with Tape Library TS3100. We are sure that it will yield us a good return on investment.", said Akshay Goel, Project Manager - SAP, Indo Farm Equipment Limited

"Maharshi Dayanand University , Rohtak aims at providing state-of-the-art learning to its students and faculty with the intention of developing world-class human resources. One of the key steps to achieve this is to have state of the art IT infrastructure that can scale up to the needs of the university.

We have installed IBM's Flex System Chassis with Flex Node x220, Storwize V7000 and Tape Library TS3100 to form the heart of our data centre where we are running our ERP and other related applications. Not only the systems are highly available, but also have yielded great space savings and reduced our energy consumption.

The choice of IBM was not just for its technical superiority, but also for its consultative abilities. They were clearly able to articulate how the solution can deliver performance and redundancy.", said Vikas Nagil, Technical Assistant - Software Support & Data Centre, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, Haryana