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Colin Parris

Colin Parris

General Manager, IBM Power Systems

Let me share with you how Power Systems and software can help your business.

On a Smarter Planet, the rise of mobile devices, big data, analytics and social business isn't simply remaking computing, creating explosive growth of compute intensive workloads; it is remaking businesses. To manage these changes, Businesses need to reduce costs, drive faster insights and deliver an exceptional client experience with solutions that are efficient, affordable, easy to deploy and manage. For over a decade, businesses have relied on Power Systems™ to deliver industry leading solutions to meet their compute intensive requirements. Today, IBM extends it’s product innovation with new IBM Power Systems servers with POWER7+™ for businesses of all sizes to reduce costs and improve efficiency, drive faster insights by enabling new workloads such as data and analytics and deliver an exceptional client experience.

Reduce costs and improve IT efficiency

IBM Power 760

New enterprise system IBM Power 760 provides secure, reliable performance with on-demand expansion, ideal for virtualised consolidation of application workloads like SAP.

IBM Power 750

New enterprise system IBM Power 750 provides secure, reliable performance and reduced space, cooling and software costs at an affordable price.

IBM Power 710 Express and 730 Express

New entry systems IBM Power 710 Express and 730 Express are ideally suited for webserving, security, and business applications such as big data applications with a combination of high performance, core density and energy efficiency - now at comparable x86 pricing .

IBM Power 720 Express and 740 Express

New entry systems IBM Power 720 Express and 740 Express provide efficient consolidation and high performance for a wide variety of business workloads – and now available at a reduced, competitive price!

IBM PowerLinux 7R1 and 7R2

New IBM entry systems PowerLinux 7R1 and 7R2 designed for compute intensive Linux workloads – with 20 PowerVM virtual machines per core, provide the right balance of high performance and high utilisation that’s needed for cost and energy efficient consolidation from x86 commodity servers.


New PowerVM enhancements which support 20vms per core. PowerVM server virtualisation helps businesses consolidate multiple workloads onto fewer systems, increasing server utilisation and reducing cost.

IBM PureApplication System

New PureApplication System on POWER7+ leveraging POWER performance, resilience and scalability.

Enable new workloads such as data and analytics to drive faster insights

Deliver an exceptional client experience

EasyOptimise software 

New Easyoptimise software available on all Power Systems designed to optimise workloads running on Power. IBM Dynamic Platform optimiser (US) reduces the complexity and time required for clients to manage and tune their systems. IBM AIX Dynamic System optimiser (US) simplifies operations, adjust for changes in demand and optimise performance.

Workload Centre of Competency

New Power Workload and Solutions Workload Centre of Competency – Power experts and expertise to optimise workloads running on Power.

Migration and Upgrade Factories

Enhanced Migration and Upgrade Factories - Power experts and expertise to streamline migrations and upgrades.

IBM Watson Lab (00:02:22)

IBM Watson Lab – working with developers and clients to evolve the Watson technology.

New comparable x86 pricing

Power Workload Centre of Competency

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IBM Power7 TweetChat

The launch of the new IBM POWER7+ systems left everyone speechless. Now we answer all your questions on our Tweetchat on 22nd March 2013

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'In a Four Core Processor you can now create 80 servers'

  • Viswanath Ramaswamy

    IBM has introduced the Power 7+ processor systems to entry-level and mid-market segments with the intent of taking the x86 stacks head on - Viswanath Ramaswamy, Country Manager, Power Systems

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