IBM Power 780 server


The planet is getting smaller, flatter and smarter every day. Global market segments are connected like never before. Economic shock waves, both good and bad, travel the globe in nanoseconds. Newer, smarter technologies arrive daily. New business models are born, and old ones die, in the blink of an eye. We are in the midst of an important technology shift driving growth and innovation—built on the confluence of big data, cloud, mobile devices and social business. In order to survive businesses need to be flexible, resilient, and dedicated to the success of their clients. This era presents a defining moment for businesses to reshape the value they deliver through the customer experience. And the best of these successful businesses have IT infrastructures that consist of enterprise systems that are highly secure and designed for the utmost availability of critical data. They are managed with the maximum cost efficiency and address exponential growth in enterprise data, demand for new services, and integration of legacy systems with the new digital face of the business.

In today’s IT environment, performance has been redefined to mean delivering services faster, with higher quality and with superior economics. The emerging measures of IT performance are around infrastructure efficiency, information availability and security of data. IT is measured on providing an infrastructure that can handle rapid growth and manage business risk while meeting higher required service levels. And of course it is expected that new services will be delivered with tighter budget constraints—with IT expected to do more with less. Designed for virtualised consolidation of business critical workloads, the IBM® Power® 780 delivers on performance, availability, efficiency and virtualisation in a way that is unique in the industry. PowerVM® virtualisation enables continuous, dynamic resource adjustments across all partitions and operating environments, independent of physical placement, to optimise performance while minimising energy usage. Supported environments include AIX®, IBM i, Linux for Power applications, all on the same system.

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Systems performance reports

IBM Power Systems Performance Report

(SPEC, TPC, NotesBench, SAP and other general benchmark results for IBM Power Systems based on POWER7, POWER6 or POWER5 technology.)

IBM Power Systems High Performance Computing Performance Report

(Linpack, SPEC OMP, Stream and other HPC benchmark results for IBM Power Systems based on POWER7, POWER6 or POWER5 technology.)

IBM Power Systems Archive Performance Report

(All benchmark results for IBM Power Systems that use POWER4 or previous technology.)

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