IBM is offering the new POWER7® processor-based Power® 775 Supercomputer to accelerate high performance computing innovation in smarter computing projects such as climate prediction, medical and life sciences, financial services, petroleum reservoir modeling, and industrial design. The Power 775 Supercomputer is a highly integrated, densely packaged, high performance supercomputer in a rack solution, including compute nodes, storage, interconnect fabric and featuring energy efficient water cooling technology.

The IBM Power 775 supercomputing server is designed for organisations that require a highly scalable system with extreme parallel processing performance and dense, modular packaging. Use it in clustered configurations of as few as 512 processor cores or in world-class supercomputer configurations of hundreds of thousands of processors. Combined with specialised software from IBM, this system is designed to perform and represents the latest Power technology available.

Ideal workloads for this system include high performance computing (HPC) applications such as weather and climate modeling, computational chemistry, physics, computer-aided engineering, computational fluid dynamics and petroleum exploration that require highly intense computations where the workload is aligned with parallel processing methodologies. IBM has long been a leader in these application areas and, with this system, enables you to innovate and mold the future.

Densely packaging up to 3,072 POWER7 processor cores per rack, each one running at 3.83 GHz, the 256-core Power 775 supercomputing drawer is designed for speed and tuned for performance. With the capability of clustering up to 2,048 drawers together, the total processing power of up to 524,288 POWER7 cores can be assigned to tackle some of the world's greatest problems. Supported by up to 24 TBs of memory and 230 TBs of storage per rack and super fast interconnects, the Power 775 is estimated to achieve over 96 TFLOPS per rack. The radical new approach to HPC represented by the Power 775 system marks another step in the evolution of modular clusters designed to solve the world's greatest problems. Starting with the lightning fast POWER7 processors, adding the ultra dense packaging of 256 cores in a 2U drawer and chilled with new water cooling technology to enable peak performance, this system is a supersonic race car on the IT highway.