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Open innovation to put data to work

Powerful forces are changing how business gets done. Big data and analytics, cloud, and mobile are providing unprecedented opportunities to uncover insights, drive efficiencies and reach clients. Today, IBM introduces a new generation of systems with the open innovation of the POWER8 processor and architecture to handle bigger data demands in the cloud — delivering faster insights and an expanded Linux-based open server ecosystem.

Get insights up to 82 times faster with systems designed for big data

Built to bring insights to the point of impact, these first generation systems are the ideal platform for analytic applications with computing power, memory bandwidth, I/O and smart acceleration. These new systems extend a heritage of resiliency, availability and security for big data and analytics and scale to perform in the most demanding data requirements.

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IBM i 7.2 extends the value proposition of a truly integrated operating system providing new function to lock down critical data, simplify system management tasks and more.

Power Systems for large enterprises

With higher utilisation, performance, and scalability, Power Systems provide flexible computing resources. Designed for the most mission-critical applications, Power delivers economic benefits for workload consolidation with capabilities like Power Enterprise Pools, Power Integrated Facility for Linux and Capacity on Demand.

Achieve better economics for scale-out data and cloud infrastructures

Power Systems 1 and 2 socket servers provide the ideal foundation for Linux-based scale-out data and cloud environments, providing the performance-for-price advantages and security to confidently move more data-centric applications to the cloud.

An ideal platform for scale-out deployments

Open innovation that revolutionises the way IT is created and consumed

Benefit from Power Systems open technology and an open ecosystem delivering community created innovation.

Linux on Power