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Elastic Storage

The Fast, Simple, Scalable and Complete Storage Solution for Today’s Data Intensive Enterprise

New code-named Elastic Storage is a proven, scalable, high-performance data and file management solution (based upon GPFS technology) that's being used extensively across multiple industries worldwide. Elastic Storage provides simplified data management and integrated information lifecycle tools capable of managing petabytes of data and billions of files, in order to arrest the growing cost of managing ever growing amounts of data.

Elastic Storage, the Next Generation of Software Defined Storage

Elastic Storage version 4.1 software defined storage for cloud, big data and analytics introduces enhanced security, flash accelerated performance, and improved usability for the world’s most demanding data intensive enterprises. Elastic Storage features:

Elastic Storage provides world-class storage management delivered in software and used on any hardware, with extreme scalability flash accelerated performance, and automatic policy-based storage tiering from flash through disk to tape, reducing storage costs 90% while improving security and management efficiency in cloud, big data & analytics environments.

The Challenge

Today’s never ending data growth is challenging traditional storage and data management solutions. These outdated systems are expensive to administer and scale, in addition to limiting data access, performance and reliability that today’s data-intensive computing environments require; particularly when data is accessed on a global scale. Application performance is impacted by data access bottlenecks that delay schedules and waste expensive resources, and data growth is threatening exponential CAPEX and OPEX expansion that must be arrested.

The Solution

Elastic Storage removes data related bottlenecks by providing parallel access to data, eliminating single filer choke points or hot spots. Elastic Storage also simplifies data management at scale by providing a single namespace that can be scaled simply, quickly, and infinitely by simply adding more scale-out resources − eliminating “filer sprawl” and its associated headaches.

Elastic Storage empowers geographically distributed organisations by expanding that single global namespace − literally globally − by placing critical data close to everyone and everything that needs it, no matter where they are in the world. Speeding data access to stakeholders around the world accelerates schedules and improves productivity.

Elastic Storage management ease at scale and data lifecycle automation bridges the gaping data growth - budget chasm, bringing storage costs into line. When integrated with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) or IBM Linear Tape File System (LTFS), Elastic Storage can uniquely manage the full data life cycle, delivering geometrically lower cost savings through policy driven automation and tiered storage management.

Elastic Storage provides unsurpassed end-to-end data availability, reliability and integrity with unique technologies including Elastic Storage Native RAID (GNR) which uses advanced erasure coding to avoid the painful multiday rebuild times becoming common with today’s multi-terabyte drives, in addition to being able to withstand multiple device failures instead of the one or two failures conventional systems are capable of withstanding. Elastic Storage also provides advance checksum protection to ensure data integrity from the disk platter all the way to the compute client.

The Benefits

Elastic Storage provides fast data access and simple, cost effective data management. Elastic Storage can help:

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