Why LinuxONE?

Tomorrow’s challenges can’t be met with yesterday’s solutions. IBM LinuxONE™ systems are engineered for secure data serving and modern applications, capable of massive transaction volumes, unprecedented scale and built not to fail or crack—ever. Stop running hundreds or thousands of servers, adding cost, complexity, latency, and vulnerability. It’s time for a change. It’s time for LinuxONE.

2x the performance

for MongoDB, MariaDB and PostgreSQL

30 billion RESTful

web interactions a day on Node.js and MongoDB

4x faster analytics

and 1.5 more containers on Docker

Meet the LinuxONE systems

More than servers. Data superheroes designed for the cognitive era.

Looking for an alternative to distributed Linux servers? Consider the enterprise Linux system with superior performance and security – and lower TCA.

Need a smaller footprint and investment? Securely handle the growth of your apps and data, gain a resilient cloud-ready platform, and deliver better TCA than x86.

Explore Enterprise Linux solutions

See how you can harness the potential of open source with LinuxONE
– and tackle your toughest IT infrastructure challenges.

Blockchain is the next big thing

Sure, it’s buzz-worthy. For it to be disruptive, it must be trusted. To be trusted, it must be secure. IBM LinuxONE systems have been designed with special capabilities to deliver the highest level of protection for blockchain implementations that live or die on the level of trust participants place in the deployment.

Savings – with performance and security

Server sprawl and x86 distributed systems can cost you in more ways than one. Cash, complexity, and capacity can all limit your ability to say “yes” to the business. Consolidating your servers to LinuxONE gives you the competitive edge so you don’t have to make either / or choices for your data centre.

Faster apps + more insights = competitive edge

Data is the lifeblood of your business. Apps are the heart of your business. Combine them on a blazing-fast, hyper-secure platform to generate insights that create competitive advantage.

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