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  • Subram Natarajan

    Subram Natarajan, leads the Deep Computing group, which is focused on the business and channel development of high performance computing solutions for India /South Asia. He also heads the Systems Solutions Centre in Bangalore – this facility along with a data centre, enables customers to test drive and experience the technology. Subram has been with IBM for the past 16 years and came to IBM as part of Informix acquisition. He is an active member of IBM Technical Experts Community, contributes regularly to various techno magazines in the AP region. He holds an IBM Patent under his name. Apart from IBM, his 20 years of industry experience includes leading various engineering teams with Procter & Gamble and Informix. He holds a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering from McGill University, Canada.

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  • Mrinal Jain - Client Technical Specialist, Cloud Computing

    Mrinal is a Cloud Solutions Architect representing the Systems and Technology Group on a cross-brand initiative at IBM, where his work is directed at helping IBM clients adopt Cloud Computing successfully in their business. He is an MBA from the Booth School of Business at The University of Chicago, and a Master's in Computer Engineering from Purdue University where he specialised in Parallel Computer Architectures. In previous professional stints he set up Yahoo's internal storage cloud, and was involved with early Cloud initiatives at Sun Microsystems. He balances his passion for the Cloud with a deep interest in building and flying model airplanes and helicopters, and he is a keen photographer.

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  • Amit Merchant - CTO for Processor Development, India and South Asia

    Amit has been in the microprocessor and systems industry for 20 years. He has worked with Intel and Dell. He has worked on and led various design teams, such as the Pentium II and Pentium 4; he is currently the CTO - Processor Development in IBM India. He has 25+ patents in architecture and design. He was awarded the highest technical excellence award at Intel twice. He co-teaches advanced computer architecture at IISc.

  • Kashish Karnick - Brand Manager, IBM BladeCenter, India and South Asia

    Kashish is consultant for large virtualisation projects across India. He also leads initiatives around virtualisation and has worked with the IBM Systems & Technology Group's Research and Development centre to develop the financial model for Desktop Virtualisation, in the past.

  • S Sreehari - zChampion and Certified Senior IT Specialist, IBM India

    Sreehari is an Open Group Certified Master IT Specialist and Mainframe evangelist. He holds an MBA in Marketing and Operations from IIM, Kozhikode, and an engineering degree in Electronics and Communications.

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  • Ravi Khattar

    Ravi Khattar leads IBM India's Technical Sales Support team for the Systems and Technology group. His areas of specialisation include Data Storage, Data Replication and Disaster Tolerance on a wide range of Server systems and OS platforms, for both IBM and Non-IBM operations. He also, has keen interests in Systems & Storage Virtualisation trends and SAN (Storage Area Network). Apart from these, he has co-authored four IBM Redbooks including Systems's Architects Handbook, Introduction to SAN File Systems and SAN Distance Solutions

  • Subhojit Roy - Systems Hardware Development and Software Architect, IBM India

    Subhojit is an Architect for the SVC/Storwize V7000 product line in the Storage Labs. He is currently responsible for the architecture, design and development of FCoE for the SVC, Storwize V7000 and Storage ITE product lines. With industry experience spanning 17 years, he has spent 16 years in the Enterprise Storage Software development.

Elisabeth Stahl

Chief Technical Strategist, Performance Marketing

Elisabeth Stahl is Chief Technical Strategist, Performance Marketing for the IBM Systems and Technology Group and has been working in systems performance for over 25 years.

Elisabeth's blog - Benchmarking and systems performance

This blog is for the open exchange of ideas relating to systems performance and benchmarking.

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Chris Gibson

AIX and PowerVM Specialist, Southern Cross Computer Systems

Chris Gibson is an AIX and PowerVM specialist located in Melbourne, Australia. An IBM CATE, AIX, Chris has over 10 years of AIX experience and 20 years working in IT, Chris is keen to share his knowledge with the AIX community. He works with clients to help design and implement AIX and PowerVM solutions running on the IBM Power platform. One of the co-authors of the IBM Redbooks publication, "NIM from A to Z in AIX 5L", Chris has also written numerous technical articles on AIX and PowerVM. A regular contributor to the IBM developerWorks AIX and UNIX technical library. His articles have covered many of the latest AIX and Power technologies, such as Micro-Partitioning, Virtual I/O, Live Partition Mobility and Active Memory Sharing. Chris also writes his own AIX blog on the IBM developerWorks website.

Here is a full list of all of Chris's published technical articles.

Chris's AIX blog

Chris's AIX blog is a place where ideas, information and experiences with AIX and PowerVM can be shared. Chris provides regular updates on his real-world experiences with AIX/PowerVM and offers advice on implementing these technologies. Chris hopes that by sharing his ideas with the AIX community, it will foster a culture of collaboration within the IBM developerWorks AIX community.

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Barry Whyte

SVC Performance Architect

Barry Whyte is a 'Master Inventor' working in the Systems & Technology Group based in IBM Hursley, UK. Barry primarily works on the IBM SAN Volume Controller virtualisation system. Barry graduated from The University of Glasgow in 1996 with a B.Sc (Hons) in Computing Science. In his 14 years at IBM he has worked on the successful Serial Storage Architecture (SSA) range of products and the follow on Fibre-channel products used in the IBM DS8000 range. Barry joined the SVC development team soon after its inception and has held many positions before taking on his current role as SVC performance architect. *

Barry's blog - Storage Virtualisation

An exchange and discussion of storage and in particular storage virtualisation

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Tony Pearson

Senior IT Storage Consultant

Tony Pearson presents briefings on storage topics covering the entire System Storage product line as well as various Tivoli storage software products.
He also leads client workshops to help with strategic planning for IBM's integrated set of storage management software, hardware, and virtualisation products. He is author of the book "Inside System Storage: Volume I".*

Tony's blog - Inside System Storage

This blog is for the open exchange of ideas relating to storage and storage networking hardware, software and services. It was rated one of the top 10 blogs of 2006 for the IT storage industry by "Networking World" magazine. It has been published in book form as "Inside System Storage: Volume I", and is available to order in Hardcover or Paperback versions.

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