Cloud Computing:
Rethink IT.
Reinvent business.

Everyone is talking about Cloud Computing, and the term has got overloaded and confusing. Understand why Cloud Computing is important to your organisation and explore solutions from IBM that enable your organisation to adopt the Cloud to have maximum impact.

Your IT department is challenged to use IT as it was always intended – to give your organisation an edge over your competition, to keep your organisation nimble, and to unleash the power of information in your organisation, while keeping it safe - all this while remaining within predictable budgets. Cloud computing implemented correctly enables you to address these challenges.

The journey to the cloud requires three stages: Virtualisation, Standardisation and Automation.

IBM servers, storage and software offerings enable your organisation to adopt the cloud based on the needs of your business at any of these stages, and to continue to enhance the capabilities of the cloud in line with the requirements in your organisation in future.

Interoperability is a key aspect of enabling a true cloud infrastructure. Moving to the cloud does not require you to “rip and replace” your existing infrastructure as some other providers require. Built on a comprehensive reference architecture, IBM delivers solutions that use open standards and enable an extensible, evolutionary cloud ecosystem built from heterogeneous hardware across suppliers.

Use IBM offerings to create a custom-built cloud across intel-based, power-based and mainframe platforms. The offerings are designed to enable a true, superior cloud when implemented with the software offerings from IBM (PowerVM, Systems Director and VMControl). All this, while welcoming your existing heterogeneous infrastructure into the cloud pool. For quickest time to market, use integrated cloud appliances from IBM on system x and system p.

Throughout its history, IBM has invented the technologies that enable cloud computing and has pioneered the use of IT in making businesses successful.

Don’t just build a cloud – build a better cloud suited to your needs. With IBM.

Cloud Computing

Secure, efficient and scalable systems for any cloud workload