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Outstanding benefits with greater flexibility for midsized businesses


Organisations of all sizes are faced with a tidal wave of data coming from myriad new sources, including sensors, social media, mobile platforms and more. Data has become the new currency of business, their most critical asset. But Organisations often spend too much money and time managing where their data is stored. The average firm purchases 24 percent more storage every year,2 but uses less than half of the capacity it already has.3

To help maximise the benefits of growing amounts of data, many Organisations are turning to software-defined storage, which frees data from physical storage and provides better access to applications. There are many ways to benefit from software-defined storage. One approach starts with data virtualisation, which provides a software layer that helps simplify management. Data virtualisation simplifies deployment of new applications and new storage tiers, eases movement of data among tiers, and enables consistent easy-to-use optimisation technologies across multiple storage tiers.

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