Acoustical Noise Declaration for pSeries 690 Enterprise Server (More Information)

Declared Noise Emissions in Accordance with ISO 9296
Product Description Declared A-Weighted Sound Power Level,
L WAd (B)
Declared A-Weighted Sound Pressure Level,
L pAm (dB)
Operating Idling Operating Idling
IBM eServer™® p690 Model 681 configured with one processor subsytem, one I/O drawer with 4 disk drives, bulk power subsytem, and Acoustical doors 7.5 7.5 57 57
Same as above but with Slimline (non-acoustical) doors 7.9 7.9 62 62

1 L WAd is the statistical upper-limit A-weighted sound power level (rounded to the nearest 0.1 B);
2 L pAm is the mean A-weighted emission sound pressure level measured at the 1-meter bystander positions (rounded to the nearest dB);;
3 10 dB (decibel) = 1 B (bel);
4 All measurements made in conformance with ISO 7779 and declared in conformance with ISO 9296

Information on Relative Noisiness
Actual L WAd for this product 7.5
L WAd for a product that would sound roughly twice as loud or twice as noisy 8.5
L WAd for a product that would sound roughly half as loud or half as noisy 6.5
Typical range of L WAd values for similar IBM mainframe and UNIX high-end servers 7.0 - 8.1 B

Information on the Emission of Prominent Discrete Tones and Impulsive Noise
This product emits no prominent discrete tones according to the methods of ECMA-74, Annex D.
This product emits no impulsive noise according to the methods of ECMA-74, Annex E.