IBM Flex System Manager


In today’s complex and demanding environment, your IT infrastructure needs to align and quickly adapt to changing business demands. Automating repetitive, time-consuming administrative tasks allows your team to pursue higher value projects and accelerate innovation. IBM can assist you by providing access to broad expertise and proven best practices in systems management, application optimization, hardware maintenance and more.

System administrators face extraordinary demands as they try to plan, document, and roll out IT infrastructures, identify capacity needs, get the most out of current assets, and contend with constant budget pressure. More and more the IT infrastructure is being virtualized and administrators must manage complex interactions between virtualization, compute, storage, and network platforms. This task is further complicated by multiple tools leading to incomplete visibility across interlocking infrastructure elements.

IBM Flex System Manager is designed to simplify, standardize and speed up administrative and management processes for your IBM PureFlex® System and IBM Flex System solutions. With more automation and integrated management across infrastructure elements, IT administrators can focus a greater portion of their time on projects that drive innovation and business advantage.