PureFlex System 42U Rack

Description Primary Rack Expansion Rack
Machine type model (MTM) 93634CX 93634DX
Rack height 42U 42U
Lockable perforated front/rear doors Yes Yes
Rear Door Heat eXchanger V2 (option part number 175642X) Yes (option) Yes (option)
1U side pockets with rear access 6 6
0U tool-less PDU 4 4
Vertical and horizontal internal cable channels Yes Yes
Lockable side panels Included Yes No
Top cable exits Yes Yes
Bottom cable exits Yes Yes
Standard front stabilizer Yes Yes
Standard front of rack air baffle Yes Yes
External width (in./mm) 23.6/600 23.6/600
External height (in./mm) 78.74/2000 78.74/2000
External depth (in./mm) 45.7/1161 45.7/1161
Rack weight – empty (lbs/kg) 379.2/172 299.8/136
Load capacity – Dynamic (lbs/kg) 2100/953 2100/953
Load capacity – Static (lbs/kg) 2400/1088 2400/1088
Reusable ship loadable packaging Yes Yes

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