Lenovo Flex System EN2092 1 Gb Ethernet Scalable Switch


The Lenovo® Flex System™ EN2092 1 Gb Ethernet Scalable switch provides outstanding flexibility allowing you to buy one today and enhance its functionality in the future. The scalable architecture allows you to support 2-port or 4-port 1 Gb adapters with a only a pair of EN2092s. Designed with top performance in mind, the EN2092 provides high availability with outstanding quality and switch failover capability.

Flexibility, scalability

The EN2092 helps clients reduce I/O costs today while providing investment protection for the future with unmatched flexibility and scalability. The flexible port-mapping1 feature offers the ability to dynamically assign ports based on need. In addition, the EN2092 supports the Feature on Demand (FoD) capability which allows clients to scale Ethernet ports as required by simply purchasing software upgrade licenses to turn on additional 1 Gb or 10 Gb Ethernet ports.

Product features

Hardware summary

Base configuration: 14 × 1 Gb internal ports & 10 × 1 Gb external
Switch upgrade 1: Additional 14 × 1 Gb internal ports and 10 × 1 Gb external
Switch upgrade 2: Enables 4 × 10 Gb external

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