About IBM Flex System Fabric

IBM can help you reduce cost, complexity and risk with IBM Flex System Fabric – a portfolio of high performance networking products that can help simplify connectivity of your data and storage infrastructure. The portfolio includes support for Ethernet, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and even Fibre Channel protocols. Flex System Fabric also supports extraordinary convergence of NAS, iSCSI and even FCoE where the Fibre Channel can be broken out directly in the chassis or upstream in the network. The portfolio offers easy standards-based interoperability with your existing networking environment, including Cisco, Brocade, Juniper and other networking infrastructures.

Accelerate your network fabric deployment:

Lenovo Flex System Interconnect Fabric

The Lenovo Flex System™ Interconnect Fabric solution is designed to meet client needs by providing a simple Ethernet fabric cluster that accelerates deployment, simplifies management, supports dynamic scalability, increases reliability, availability and security in medium-to-large point of delivery (POD) deployments.

Flex System Fabric products:

Lenovo Flex System SI4091 10 Gb System Interconnect Module

Low-cost preconfigured transparent device designed for easy connectivity, reduced management and set up time.



Lenovo Flex System™ Fabric SI4093 System Interconnect Module

Pre-configured transparent device designed for easy connectivity, reduced management and set up time, while providing the scalability and performance clients need now and in the future.



Flex System Fabric EN4093R 10 Gb Scalable Switch

Provides unmatched Ethernet scalability and performance, while delivering innovations to help address a number of networking concerns today and providing capabilities that will better prepare companies for the future.



Flex System Fabric CN4093 10 Gb Converged Scalable Switch

This switch provides exceptional flexibility and is ideal for:

1 Based on the Flex System Fabric 10Gb Scalable Switch running FCoE protocol compared to HP Flex 10 and 8Gb SAN switches and adapters. IBM requires two EN4093 switch modules versus HP’s solution which requires two Flex 10 switch modules + 2 x 8Gb SAN switch modules + fourteen 8Gb HBA. Prices obtained publicly from hp.com and ibm.com, as of July 2013.

2 Based on SI4093 base plus upgrade 1 and 2 list price x 2 = $53.194, which is 41.8% less expensive than HP Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D x 6 = $75,450. SI4093 data sheet 64x10Gb ports (640Gb) vs. HP data sheet 26x10Gb ports (260Gb) => 2.46x more bandwidth. - HP Link - http://h30094.www3.hp.com/product/sku/10440121

3 Based on double-dense Flex System x222 Compute Nodes with 7:1 oversubscription.

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