IBM Flex System Fabric SI4093 System Interconnect Module


Today your IT department faces a number of challenges preparing for the future. Some of those key areas include reducing cost and complexity, while retaining scalability and performance. At the same time you need technologies that are more tightly integrated, while also providing investment protection.

Simple management

The IBM® Flex System® Fabric SI4093 System Interconnect Module enables a simplified integration of the IBM Flex System into your existing networking infrastructure. The default configuration of the SI4093 requires no management for most data center environments, eliminating the need to configure each device or individual ports thus reducing the number of management points. The device provides a low latency, loop-free interface that does not rely upon spanning tree protocols, thereby removing one of the greatest deployment and management complexities of a traditional switch. The SI4093 offers administrators a simplified deployment experience while maintaining the performance of intra-chassis connectivity, yet provides the simplicity of a single aggregated connection to the upstream network.

Product features

Pre-configured transparent device designed for easy connectivity, reduced management and set up time, while providing the scalability and performance clients need now and in the future.

Hardware summary