IBM Flex System Fabric SI4093 System Interconnect Module

Feature Benefits
Plug-and-play device
  • Reduce deployment and configuration time with a pre-configured low touch design
Easy interoperability
  • Provides transparent end-host connectivity to the upstream data and storage network
  • Easy connectivity into clients’ existing networking infrastructure with no network changes
Port Aggregation
  • Minimize cabling requirements and upstream networking costs
Flexible port mapping
  • Allows for extreme flexibility in assigning ports internally or externally as needed.
  • Could reduce Ethernet module requirements by half compared to some competitors who would require four Ethernet modules when using a 4-port adapter
Pay-as-you-grow scalability
  • Simplifies and accelerates I/O upgrades to help keep your applications performing
  • Ports can be added almost instantly
  • Investment protection that helps minimize cost and reduce complexity
  • The IBM Flex System Interconnect Fabric offers the ability to grow the Flex System point of delivery (POD) supporting up to 252 compute nodes
Loop-free topology
  • Default configuration eliminating spanning tree protocols
Multi-tenant support
  • Ability to quickly configure the device in VLAN aware mode for greater security
Support for 40 Gb external uplink ports
  • Prepare for the demands of your network now and into the future