IBM Flex System EN4054 4-port 10Gb Ethernet Adapter


The data center is changing. To efficiently network today, IT has to move from a discrete, traditional operating design to a more flexible and optimized model. This smarter model must support more workloads and operate under flat or decreasing IT budgets, so it is crucial that the platform has the ability to adapt to increased demands.

The network architecture on the IBM® Flex System™ platform has been specifically designed to address these challenges, giving you a very scalable way to integrate, optimize and automate your data center. The Flex System EN4054 10Gb Ethernet adapter offers seemless connectivity to Customer’s Ethernet infrastructure. When combined with IBM Flex System Fabric 10 Gb Switch module, this adapter can offer up to four 10 Gb ports for highest performance.

Product features

Supports four ports of 10 Gb for highest performance and scalability

Hardware summary