IBM Flex System EN4023 10Gb Scalable Switch


Every IT department faces a number of challenges in preparing for the future. You know your business and your IT needs best. You want to build an IT infrastructure tuned for your applications and services. You need the flexibility to configure and reconfigure switch ports without downtime.

The IBM® Flex System™ EN4023 10Gb Scalable Switch, is designed for easy integration into a Brocade VCS environment. Brocade Virtual Cluster Switching (VCS) Fabric technology simplifies network design and operations for a more automated and efficient network. This switch offers flexibility via Dynamic Ports on Demand (DPOD). You can start with a base 24-port entitlement that can be applied to any of the internal or external ports. The switch also offers investment protection via available 40 Gb uplinks for easy transition to future high bandwidth networks.

Product features

Streamlines network deployment and operation using Brocade Virtual Cluster Switching (VCS) in a Brocade VDX environment. Available Features on Demand (FoD) upgrades allow purchase of additional port licenses as needed. User may assign available ports for internal or external connections up to maximum of 42 internal ports and up to 16 external ports

Hardware summary