IBM Flex System Fabric CN4093 10Gb Converged Scalable Switch

Performance 100% line rate performance 1.28 Tbps non-blocking switching throughput (full duplex)
Hardware features
Models Base configuration - 00D5823/ESW21 Upgrade options (supported in any order)
Upgrade 1 - 00D5845/ESU11 Upgrade 2 - 00D5487/ESU21
Note: When implementing Upgrade 1 and 2 only 2x10GbE downlink ports to the nodes are available until a 6-port capable adapter is available
Interface options 2 SFP+ (1/10GbE), 2 QSFP+ (40 Gb or break-out to 4x10 Gb) and 12 OmniPorts (10GbE, 4/8 Gb FC)
Power consumption Typical power consumption of 141 Watts
Warranty 1-year limited warranty or switch takes on the warranty of the chassis when installed in a chassis.
Software features
For details on the Flex System Fabric CN4093 comprehensive software feature list, refer to the IBM Networking Operating System datasheet at:
Associated Options
Transceivers 40 Gb Option 10 Gb Options (SFP+ or OmniPorts) 1 Gb Options (SFP+ ports only) Fibre Channel Options (OmniPorts)
Direct Attach Copper SFP+ Cables 1 m IBM Passive DAC SFP+ Cable (90Y9427/ECB41)
3 m IBM Passive DAC SFP+ Cable (90Y9430/ECB51)
5 m IBM Passive DAC SFP+ Cable (90Y9433/ECB61)
1 m IBM Active DAC SFP+ Cable (95Y0323/EN011)
3 m IBM Active DAC SFP+ Cable (95Y0326/EN021)
5 m IBM Active DAC SFP+ Cable (95Y0329/EN031)
QSFP+ Direct Attach Cables 1 m IBM QSFP+ DAC Break Out Cable (49Y7886/EB241)
3 m IBM QSFP+ DAC Break Out Cable (49Y7887/EB251)
5 m IBM QSFP+ DAC Break Out Cable (49Y7888/EB261)
1 m IBM QSFP+-to-QSFP+ Cable (49Y7890/EB2B1)
3 m IBM QSFP+-to-QSFP+ Cable (49Y7891/EN2H1)
5 m IBM QSFP+-to-QSFP+ Cable (00D5810/ECBN1)
7 m IBM QSFP+-to-QSFP+ Cable (00D5813/ECBP1)

1 Feature code specific to Power and Storage ordering system.

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