See how flexibility and efficiency
solve any puzzle. It's a game changer.


Welcome to Flex Frenzy. It's a fun, flexible puzzle game featuring the IBM Flex System®. Play 25 different levels and use the Flex pieces to move your data to solve the puzzle, just like IBM Flex System can do for your data center.

Team up with IBM Flex Systems and X6.

IBM Flex System is an industry-leading infrastructure solution that includes best-in-server technology with X6. Now with improved speed, agility and resiliency, there has never been a better time to consider the family of IBM Flex System X6 compute nodes.

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Want to learn more about Flex System? Click on the offers on the right of the page, including the IDC white paper "Improve IT Efficiency with IBM PureFlex and Flex System." In it, you'll discover how organizations like yours have improved their business by becoming more flexible.

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Lenovo acquires IBM x86 systems

These IBM x86 products are now products of Lenovo in the U.S. and other countries. IBM will host x86-related content on until migrated to Lenovo. During the transition, please interpret references to IBM in relation to transitioned products as Lenovo.


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