With the increase in virtualization, today’s data centers are more complex than ever before. The task of monitoring and managing a complex IT infrastructure has made the life of a system administrator increasingly difficult. For busy system administrators, deploying a new server can be time-consuming. Often it’s time you don’t have. Some hands-on tasks like running cables obviously can’t be automated, but other repetitive manual activities like setting parameters or monitoring server activity are not only tedious, but also prone to human error.

Automation tools that free your administrators from low-value tasks save both time and money. Fabric Manager is an easy-to-use server provisioning I/O management tool. Unlike performing deployment steps manually, the parameters are configured automatically. Fabric Manager offers:

Fabric Manager also monitors your data center and automatically responds to server issues, which reduces the risk of server failures and downtime. Fabric Manager is a next-generation converged infrastructure management application that provides integrated management across servers, network and storage to drive efficiencies and cost savings to the data center. This systems management application is designed to simplify the installation, configuration, and management of both physical and virtualized environments.

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