IBM Flex System p270 Compute Node

Form factor Flex System standard node
Processor cores 24 cores, POWER7+, 64-bit processors with VSX, Memory Expansion acceleration and Encryption acceleration

Configuration Options:
12 x 3.1 GHz POWER7+ processor cores or
12 x 3.4 GHz POWER7+ processor cores
Level 2 (L2) cache 256 KB per processor core
Level 3 (L3) cache 10 MB per processor core
Memory (min/max) 8 GB up to 512 GB, 16 DIMM slots, ECC IBM Chipkill DDR3 SDRAM running at 1066 MHz plus
Active Memory Expansion with hardware assist
Internal disk storage Up to two 2.5-inch Hard Disks or two 1.8-inch Solid State Drives
Networking/Expansion Two PCIe Expansion Slots
One ETE adapter card slot (provides dedicated Dual VIOS on internal drives with optional adapter)
Systems management Integrated systems management processor, light path diagnostics, Predictive Failure Analysis, Cluster Systems Management (CSM), Serial Over LAN, IPMI compliant
RAS features Chassis redundant/hot-plug power and cooling
Front Panel and FRU/CRU LEDs
Concurrent code update and Processor deallocation
Compute node hot plug and Dual VIOS support
Dual AC Power Supply
Auto reboot on power loss
Internal and chassis-external temperature monitors
System management alerts
IBM Chipkill ECC detection and correction
Operating systems AIX 6.1, AIX 7.1
IBM i 6.1, IBM i 7.1
RHEL 6.4, SLES11 SP2
Energy management EnergyScale™ energy management