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Today, only 1 in 5 organizations spend more than half of their IT budget on new hardware. That is because management and administrative costs have escalated to almost 70 percent of the average organization’s current IT budget.1

Even with that shift, business requirements continue to multiply—more virtual desktop users along with increased demand for virtualized resources such as cloud and test environments. As a result, IT executives must find new ways to satisfy user demand.

Density optimized solution

Successfully meeting this challenge means you must increase data center capacity without growing operating costs. The Flex System™ x222 compute node has been designed to cost-effectively supply the compute and virtualized resources you need now, in a platform designed to support your future needs.

Each Flex System x222 compute node features two independent twin compute nodes, enabling the equivalent of up to 28 independent compute nodes in a 10U Flex System Enterprise Chassis. There is no need for additional switching hardware or connectivity options—simply enable additional ports to the existing networking hardware via Feature on Demand offerings. This helps reduce the cost of the overall solution. Finally, clients can still benefit from using the Flex System x222 along with other Flex System compute nodes and PureFlex System solutions to create a flexible and optimized chassis solution for their diverse workloads.

The Flex System x222 achieves these design goals by increasing your available compute capacity while retaining your current physical footprint and operational infrastructure. PureFlex System is an integrated infrastructure solution available with x86 compute nodes that can be further customized with additional options to meet your precise IT infrastructure needs.

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