Lenovo Flex System Enterprise Chassis

Description Base model
Height 440 mm (10 EIA rack standard units)
Width 447 mm (EIA 19-inch rack standard width, minus 3 mm clearance)
Depth 800 mm (measured from front bezel to rear of chassis)
847 mm (measured from ITE latch handle to the power supply handle)
Rack mount weight 505 lbs
Minimum loadout weight 218 lbs
Maximum loadout weight 493 lbs
Heat load minimum 1,365 BTUs/hr (est)
Heat load maximum 44,017 BTUs/hr (est)
Air flow minimum 270 CFM
Air flow maximum 1020 CFM
Voltage minimum 180 VAC
Voltage nominal 200-240 VAC + 10%
Voltage maximum 265 VAC
Frequency minimum 47Hz
Frequency nominal 50/60Hz
Frequency maximum 63Hz
Power minimum 400 W (estimate)
Power maximum 12,900 watts (12.9 kW)
Maximum Input Current 13.85 A per supply
Node bays 14 node bays (7 full wide)
Power supplies* 2/6 2500 W
200 - 240 VAC, 380V HVDC, and -48V DC
Switch modules Optional
80 mm fans 4/8
40 mm fans 2/2
Chassis Management Module (CMM) 1/2
Machine type 8721

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