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What are enterprise systems?

As business recognize the need to integrate new information-centric technologies along with their core transaction processing technologies, they also recognize that their IT infrastructure is more critical to their business than ever before. The traditional "one size fits all" x86 model is just not sufficient for critical IT infrastructures. As a result, companies are turning to enterprise systems—the systems that are optimized, secure and powerful enough for the most critical business needs. Enterprise systems, like Power Systems and zEnterprise, are defined by

their ability to provide the highest levels of service and efficiency for critical applications and data. They deliver the highest scale for enterprise applications, while linking critical data and processes across multiple lines of business and across entire value chains.

Enterprise systems offer maximum security and privacy for data plus the capabilities required to integrate systems of record and systems of engagement and deliver a single view to the business. Unlike the x86 approach, these systems truly offer:

Unmatched scale and utilization

Enterprise systems feature advanced virtualization technologies that provide unmatched scale with highest qualities of service and security for critical applications in a private cloud. Responding dynamically to the fluctuating requirements of the business, enterprise systems enable key infrastructure resources to be added or reassigned on demand to deliver the utmost in IT asset utilization.

Increased resiliency and uptime

Enterprise systems offer advanced resiliency features and high-availability hardware components built in as standard. They also ensure continuous availability for mission-critical business services by utilizing concurrent system maintenance and upgrades to avoid downtime. With high availability features and software, enterprise systems offer the industry’s highest up time.

Cross-enterprise analytics

Enterprise systems enable analytics to be embedded into business processes in real time, enabling users to gain actionable insights and derive greater value from both structured and unstructured data from multiple sources.

Industry leading security

Enterprise systems ensure privacy, isolation and integrity of critical business and user data that is delivered to applications across the enterprise. They protect against application vulnerabilities by utilizing predetermined rules and policies across lines of business, delivering applications that are built with secure development principles. Critical features also include streamlined access control, authorization and proactive notifications of security breaches.

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