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Built on industry standard Linux from Red Hat and SUSE

"With PowerLinux, IBM brings four big things to the table that are good for Linux: competition, commitment, code, and cool technology."

Jim Zemlin, Executive Director
The Linux Foundation

Reduce cost with solutions more powerful than x86 Linux, more scalable than VMware, and more reliable than Windows.* (US)

PowerLinux solutions are optimized to deliver high value Linux services, and are specifically designed to bring the capabilities of POWER7 to customers of competitive x86. These capabilities include throughput that outruns Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors, dependability that measurably exceeds that offered by Windows, and optimized PowerVM virtualization that offers higher workload density than VMware.

IBM Watson is a prime example of a PowerLinux workload optimized system. Businesses of all sizes can gain advantage from optimized systems that integrate POWER7 hardware and Linux software with domain expertise.

Today, we are extending the performance of POWER7 to new servers that run industry-standard Linux, tuned to the tasks of:

PowerLinux solutions deliver Linux services faster, with higher quality, and more economically than ever before. Make them your open standard choice for deploying applications.

Partnered with the Linux ecosystem


"The POWER architecture brings choice to customers, a core value proposition from Red Hat."

Jim Totton, VP and GM of Platform Business Unit, Red Hat


"The time for PowerLinux is now."

Michael Miller, VP Global Alliances and Marketing, SUSE

Eleven years ago, IBM announced a $1 billion investment in Linux. Today, IBM is among the top commercial contributors of Linux code as measured by The Linux Foundation. Linux continues to be a fundamental component of IBM’s business --embedded deeply in hardware, software, services and internal deployment. We not only support this community, we’re part of it.

PowerLinux solutions signify a strong commitment to Linux – not only by IBM, but by our solution providers as well. Our close relationship with Red Hat and SUSE enables IBM and its solution providers to deliver software stacks that are built on the very definition of industry standard Linux. Our software vendor and OEM partners are excited about using integrated, tested and validated PowerLinux foundations to differentiate their solutions while reducing development and deployment costs. IBM looks forward to extending the industry-leading performance and scalability of our Power Systems platform using PowerLinux solutions.

Big data analytics

Companies want to deliver actionable insights faster with optimized solutions that process structured and unstructured data on a massive scale. IBM® PowerLinux™ Big Data Analytics offer breakthrough solutions for massive scale analytics on data-in-motion and data-at-rest.

Open source infrastructure services

Linux is the low cost platform of choice for vital applications like web, email, and social media collaboration services. IBM PowerLinux Open Source Infrastructure Services combines competitively priced POWER7 servers with class leading PowerVM virtualization, helping businesses deliver services with superior economics.

Industry application solutions

Businesses rely on Linux for applications that are designed for their industry and customized to their specific needs. With offerings like the IBM PowerLinux Industry Application Solution Edition, midsize IT shops can deliver these services with higher quality compared to commodity x86 servers running Windows or Linux.

University of Hamburg

Delivering faster IT services with superior system performance

PowerLinux servers and systems software – built with POWER7

IBM PowerLinux Solution Editions are built on world-class POWER7 systems equipped with two sockets and up to 16 cores. These value-priced servers have been designed to go head-to-head with x86 servers on cost, while delivering greater performance, higher utilization, and superior availability. PowerLinux solutions enable organizations to realize higher value from their solution deployment.

These systems use Power Systems’ landmark systems software as well, including PowerVM server virtualization and Systems Director VMControl virtual server management. These tools represent the state of the art for IT virtualization at the small, mid, and enterprise computing levels, and are broadly deployed in production environments worldwide.

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Companies embracing Smarter Computing are implementing IT infrastructure based on the IBM Power Systems platform that is designed for data, tuned to the task and managed with cloud technologies. With Power Systems, businesses can outpace their competitors by delivering services faster, differentiate their offerings by delivering higher quality services, and turn operational cost into investment opportunity by delivering services with superior economics.


Power Systems hardware provides the foundation for designing workload optimized systems in conjunction with software and expert domain knowledge. Power servers and blades are modular and scalable and designed from the chip through the software stack to help deliver new levels of business performance.

Operating systems

Power servers deliver flexibility and choice of operating systems to enable your business to select the best applications for your business needs. Whether running 1, 2, or all 3 - coupled with PowerVM, they maximize the benefit of Power Systems in your business.

System software

IBM's integrated approach to developing Systems and Systems Software stacks together delivers maximum utilization, availability, and flexibility helping you deliver new advantages in your business.


IBM and IBM Business Partner solutions exploit key benefits in Power Systems that help you deliver new capabilities and new competitive advantages to your business.

Migrate to Power

Over the last five years thousands of Oracle and HP UNIX clients have migrated to POWER. Learn how Power Systems has helped them improve their business performance, reduce risk, and establish a more secure future.

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