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Today’s business leaders must make fast, informed decisions based on enormous volumes of data. Organizations need the ability to rapidly mine and analyze this data, and use it to create positive business outcomes. In some data-intensive IT architectures, dense storage plays an essential role in ensuring that your data is safeguarded – without sacrificing performance.

You need high performing, reliable storage servers with storage-rich options for data-intensive applications like big data, business analytics, and distributed computing. IBM storage-rich servers offer flexibility in your IT environment and provide comparable capacity to some larger servers.

IBM System x3630 M4

The flexible, storage-rich 2U, two-socket System x3630 M4 rack-mount server is ideal for data-intensive applications like big data and business analytics, which demand reliable, secure storage. The x3630 M4 offers a choice of storage form factors, the lowest cost per terabyte of the System x rack and tower servers, and ample storage capacity. And with room for up to two Intel® Xeon® E5-2400 product family processors, the x3630 is ready to meet your business computing challenges.

IBM System x3530 M4

The System x3530 M4 server is the right choice if you need a dense 1U, two-socket rack-mount server. With the x3530 M4, you can buy just what you need for your business applications while leaving room to grow without unnecessary downtime or costly rip and replacement. The x3530 M4 provides the performance benefits you expect from IBM in a simple but elegant server that comes in a small footprint.

IBM System x3300 M4

The System x3300 M4 is a powerful, flexible and reliable 4U, two-socket tower server optimized for cost. This server is designed to provide outstanding performance, flexible storage, energy efficiency, and the security features you need to address today’s complex desk-side or retail environment. Use the x3300 M4 to virtualize your workloads, run SAP Business One applications, or support an enterprise cloud environment. Just load it with your choice of industry-leading hypervisors from Microsoft®, VMware, Red Hat or SUSE for a ready-to-go cloud computing environment.

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