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Class description

This high-energy class focuses in IBM's solutions and middleware for the System z platform.  Students will learn how to deliver the business value of System z  software - and how that value is a differentiator in the marketplace.  Students will also develop skills to identify, quantify and drive new workloads on System z for its main Capabilities: IT Optimization (hardware platform readiness), Cloud solutions, Dev/Ops and Enterprise Modernization, Application Infrastructure and Connectivity, Business Process Management, Mobile solutions, Data Management and Information Governance, Data Warehousing and Business Analytics, Security solutions and Software Licensing and Pricing.

Students will learn to lead their customers from a legacy-centric environment to an environment that leverages the SWG Capabilities (mentioned above) that are now available on System z.  Each student will be expected to submit an active Sales Opportunity, prior to the class.  During class, students will apply their knowledge to identify Opportunities and cross-sells and to develop a Win Plan for their own opportunity.

This is a graded class (Pass/Fail), and it has mandatory prerequisites.  On Day One of the class, there will be a Pre-Test that includes material from the prerequisites; your score on this test will be part of your final grade.  For this reason, you should start your prerequisite work as early as possible.



System z Software Top Gun is a 4.5 day class.



System z Software Sales Reps (zSCLs), Software Sales Reps, Inside Sales, Client Reps, Software Client Architects, Technical Sales, Business Partners.





This class has mandatory prerequisites.  The most time consuming of these is "z101, The Value and Differentiation of System z"  which can take 10 hours.  On Day One of the class, there will be a test that includes material from the prerequisites; your score on this test will be part of your final grade (Pass/Fail).  For this reason, we are giving you notice of the need to start your prerequisite work as early as possible.

  1. Sales Opportunity.  You must identify a System z software sales opportunity to work on during the class.  Approximately 4 weeks prior to the class, you will be asked to provide the customer name, industry, and a brief description of what you hope to sell them.  The customer must be real, and the  opportunity should not be one that is closed.  Each student must complete Section 1 (page 1) of the standard Win Plan document.




  2. IBMers should complete the VSZISV01, "ISV Takeout 101" eLearning course (Business Partners get a "pass" on this one)


  3. eLearning: "z101, The Value and Differentiation of System z."  If you are new to the IBM System z platform, you should complete the z101 self-study.  The class is downloaded to your laptop and run from there.  The class will take you about 10 hours in total, but you don't have to take it all at once.


    1. eLearning: "Introduction to Software Contracts"


    2. Read the "IBM System z Software Pricing Reference Guide" (18 pages).  The guide reviews the metrics for Monthly License Charge (MLC), IPLA, Sub-capacity pricing and more.  Reading this guide will be critical to your ability to your ability to understand the Pricing portion of the face-face class.
      IBM System z Software Pricing Reference Guide


    1. DevOps (Development Operations).  Read Chapters 1, 2, 3 of "Development Operations for Dummies" (less than 25 pages) at


    2. DevOps (Development Operations).  Listen to the 45 minute DevOps webcast at

Typical Agenda

Day Topic
Day 1 - Monday

Pre Test

Hardware Platform Readiness

IT Optimization with z/VM and Linux

White Board - Value of zEnterprise EC12

White Board assignments and practice

Day 2 - Tuesday

Quiz # 1 and Review Exercises for Day 1

Application Infrastructure, BPM and Mobile solutions

White Board role play

Software Licensing and Pricing

Day 3 - Wednesday

Quiz # 2 and Review Exercises for  Day 2

Data Management and Information Governance

Business Analytics solutions

Dev/Ops solutions

Enterprise Modernization

Day 4 - Thursday

Quiz # 3 and Review Exercises for Day 3

Cloud Solutions

Optimize IT and Business Infrastructure

Security solutions

Objection Handling as preparation for Post Test

Post Test

Opportunity Workshop - teams develop their presentations

Day 5 - Friday

Opportunity Workshop - team presentations

Executive Perspectives

Awards and Closing Comments

Adjourn at 12:45



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