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IBM takes a holistic approach to Technical Computing (also known as Deep Computing or High Performance Computing) by designing and delivering complete, robust high-performance technical solutions that are environmentally responsible, competitively priced, and backed by world-class support.

IBM Technical Computing Solutions Top Gun will enable students to attain a better understanding of the IBM Technical Computing framework, the solutions that IBM offers across; servers, storage and software, and the various industries and segments to which these solutions pertain.

This sales training class is a dynamic mix of presentations from SME's, group discussions, vigorous testing and group workshopping, which will enable students to actively apply the skills learned to current and future engagements.

For 2012, the course will engage in 4 key themes:

  1. The Technical Computing Industry segmentation and landscape
  2. IBM's SW and Systems suite for Technical Computing
  3. Analysis of key competitors and IBM Solutions
  4. Understanding from a customer perspective the benefit of IBM's Technical Computing value proposition


IBM Technical Computing Solutions Top Gun is a 3.5 day class.

Class Hours are typically 9:00 - 6:00 PM and there is study and preparation required outside class hours.  The class is due to finish at 2pm on the final day. Students are advised not to book return travel until after 6pm on the final day



The audience for this class is:



The objective for this class is to build the seller's core product selling and value selling skills with regard to IBM's Technical Computing portfolio by providing an understanding and analysis of:

  1. IBM's Technical Computing strategy, offerings and solutions
  2. The various different industry segments that define Technical Computing
  3. The uniqueness of each IBM Technical Computing offering and how each fits into different customers in different industries
  4. IBM's chief competitors in each industry segment
  5. Through group workshopping, to apply learnings from the above points to a real case study


Students should ideally have sales experience with Technical Computing. Students should also have attended the Technical Computing Virtual Top Gun Fundamentals course.
Prerequisite reading (whitepapers, solution briefs, etc.) may be assigned.


Agenda (subject to change)

Will vary per class, and a final agenda will be provided closer to the date.  As a guide, the course will be divided into 3 themed days. The topics covered will be:

Day 1: Definition of the Technical Computing Industry

Day 2: IBM SW and Systems Suite for Technical Computing

Day 3: Understanding the Competitive Landscape and Solutions Offerings for Technical Computing

Day 4: Understanding the Customer Perspective



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