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The data center is undergoing radical changes in scale, automation and cost-efficiency due to increasing virtualization, virtual machine mobility and Cloud Delivery models.  Next generation data centers are seeking to improve performance and utilization of their given resources, simplify management and reduce complexity of their networks, and reduce capital and operational expenses.

In the face of these changes, Enterprise CIO’s and IT managers are demanding that their vendors provide a strategic end-to-end perspective for the data center, and have solution portfolios encompassing Servers, Storage, Software and Networks.  They are looking for solutions that connect servers and storage with a high-speed and intelligent network fabric that is smarter, faster, greener, open and easy to manage.

Our traditional competitors are focusing on improving their capabilities to deliver integrated solutions encompassing Servers, Storage, Software and Networks. A key element in IBM's competitive response is the acquisition of a leading Ethernet vendor and significant relationships with fibre channel SAN vendors that provide IBM with a number of competitive advantages today and positions IBM well for the data center of the future.

The IBM System Networking Top Gun (SNTG) Class will introduce you to the new era of data center network, and teach you how to retain client mindshare, defend against competitors and grow revenue and profit by including the network component in your Systems and/or Software solutions.



The IBM System Networking Top Gun class is a 3.5 day class.



The audience for this class is

Note:  Although this course is available to students worldwide, please be aware that all topics will be presented in English.



The objective for this class is to build the student's core product selling and value selling skills with regard to IBM's System Networking solutions by providing an understanding of:

  1. The System Networking Marketplace
  2. IBM's strategy, products and solutions
  3. IBM's chief competitors in each market segment

Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to identify, validate, qualify, propose, and win IBM System Networking opportunities.  In addition, the course will help the student prepare for IBM System Networking sales certification.



In order to attend this System Networking Top Gun class, you must complete the following pre-requisite learning material provided via SmartZone (IBM) or PW System College (BP).


Business Partners:


Agenda (subject to change)

The following is a SAMPLE AGENDA intended for informational purposes only. Actual agendas may vary by class.

Day Topic
Day 1

Smarter Network for a Smarter Planet

Transformation of the Data Center

IBM System Networking Strategy and Vision

System Networking Role in Cloud Computing

Fibre Channel Trends and Direction

Intro to System Networking Whiteboard

Day 2


Ethernet Portfolio Overview

Ethernet Objection Handling

Convergence In the Network

Identifying Opportunities for Ethernet

Fibre Channel SAN Portfolio

FC SAN Objection Handling

Day 3

System Networking Vendor Interoperability

Winning Against the Competition

The Importance of Integrated Networking in PureSystems

Building System Networking Solutions

Class test

Day 4

Student Workshop Presentations

Tools and Resources to Help You Sell

Case Studies

Closing Ceremonies



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