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Software and Solutions Top Gun is a 4.5 day sales level class. It is fast-paced and high-energy, and it covers the IBM software capabilities & sales strategies in terms of our CAMSS focus and at a coverage rep level. It is an excellent offering for the sales or technical seller who is in need of a high level overview of the IBM Software portfolio of capabilities.

This PASS/FAIL class will build on basic software knowledge that should have been obtained through attending the Top Gun Virtual Learning SOFTWARE BASICS class (either live online or the replay) or through alternate enablement.

The F2F class will include tests, daily quizzes, graded exercises, and "stand & deliver" required sessions.

There is no tuition charge to the individual seller or BP.



Software and Solutions Top Gun is a 4.5 day class.







This class will enable students to:



Attendance (either live or by replay) in the current Software Basics Virtual Learning class (please note that students will be tested in the F2F class on the material discussed):


General Topics (subject to change):

  • IBM Software Story
  • IBM Analytics
  • IBM Security
  • IBM Middleware: Systems Management (Build, Run, Manage)
  • IBM Cloud Offerings
  • IBM Social Collaboration
  • IBM Commerce
  • Practical Exercises such as Account Win Plan, Objection Handling, Short Talk with CxO, and others



Please check back frequently as additional classes are added to this list.  Click on the appropriate link below to enroll:

March 6-10, 2017: Bangalore, India (Private class)

Class manager


Gery Perez

John Ayo

John Ayo

Darlene Shamsid-Deen

Darlene Shamsid-Deen

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