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Class description

The (CAMSS) Services Top Gun Class will exposed IBM sellers to a broad variety of business, technology, and financial services offered by the IBM Corporation.

The focus of this class will be centered around the software and services offerings of Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, and Social (CAMS).  However, there will also be presentations on the long terms signing opportunities, such as Strategic Outsourcing Services, Global Process Services, and Application Management Services, and on the various Services Lines within the Integrated Technology Services organization.  Additionally, there will be presentations from the Software Group on Watson, Kenexa, and Selling Analytics, and from S&D on Smarter Cities.  The class will end with messages from an IBM executive on “IBM’s Strategy for Successfully Selling Services.”

This class is well attended by seasoned IBM sellers in S&D and IGS from around the world, and continues to receive "outstanding"ratings by attendees.  Enroll today, as space is limited.



The CAMSS Services Top Gun class is a four and on-half day, face-to-face learning activity, starting at 8:30 am on Monday and ending at 12:00 PM on Friday.  Attendees arrive on Sunday evening.



Initially, the target audience was newly hired employees as a part of IBM’s SUMMIT Program, i.e. S&D North America University New Hire Program, who will be Client Reps, Brand Specialists, and Technical Specialists upon the successful completion of their training..

This target audience for this class is to include alumni of the SUMMIT Program and other IBM sellers who want to learn more about IBM’s Services offerings.





All Students will receive prerequisite assignments when they enroll in the class.

This prerequisite work will take about 90 minutes to complete.


Agenda (Basic Structure of the Class)



A tuition fee of $1,500 is charged for each attendee.

Students confirmed in this class who want to cancel must do so 15 days before the class start date, otherwise they will be charged the tuition fee.

Students will be responsible for their travel and living expense



Click on the date below to enroll in a future class. Please check back frequently as additional classes are added to this list.


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Services Top Gun

February 3-7, 2014 - Palisades, NY

IBMers: Register via Talent@IBM, search for course code UXTG6

Services Top Gun

May 5-9, 2014 - Palisades, NY

IBMers: Register via Talent@IBM, search for course code UXTG6

CAMSS Services Top Gun

October 20-24, 2014 - Palisades, NY

IBMers: Register via Talent@IBM, search for course code UXTG6

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