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The IBM Services & Solutions Top Gun Class will expose IBM sellers to a broad variety of business, technology, and financial services offered by the IBM Global Services. 

The focus of this class is on IBM’s Software solutions and Services offerings centered on Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social, and Security (CAMSS).  

The format of the class is to first review IBM’s Software solutions in each of the CAMSS areas, then review IBM’s Services offerings which address those solution areas.  

In addition, there will be presentations on the various Services Lines within the Integrated Technology Services (ITS) and on the long terms signing opportunities, such as Strategic Outsourcing Services, Global Process Services, and Application Services.  Additionally, there will be presentations on Watson, Kenexa, and Smarter Cities.  

The class ends with a discussion from an IBM executive on “IBM’s Strategy for Successfully Selling Services.”

This class was initially created for newly hired IBM sellers.  However, the class has now includes the attendance of seasoned IBM sellers in S&D and IGS from around the world.

The class continues to receive "outstanding" ratings by attendees.  

Enroll today, as space is limited.



The Services & Solutions Top Gun class is a four and on-half day, face-to-face learning activity, starting at 8:00 am on Monday, and ending at 12:00 PM on Friday. 

Attendees arrive on Sunday evening.



Initially, the target audience for this class was newly hired employees who were members of IBM’s SUMMIT Program, i.e. S&D (and GTS) North America “University” and “Experienced Professional” new hire programs, who will become (upon the successful completion of their training) Client Reps, Brand Specialists, Technical Sales Specialists, Architects, and sellers of GTS Services.

However, based upon demand, the class is now open to other more experienced IBM sellers who want to learn more about IBM’s Services offerings.  Typically, the class includes sellers from outside of North America, about 10% of the class.   



The objectives of the Services & Solutions Top Gun class are as follows:

  • Be able to identify an IBM Global Services opportunity (OI)
    • Establish a base level of understanding of IBM Global Services
    • Ability to convey an appropriate “elevator pitch”
    • Capability to ask key and meaningful questions
    • Prepare an executive level call plan to begin the dialogue with an executive
  • Be able to take the next steps for the successful pursuit of those opportunities




All Students will receive prerequisite assignments when they enroll in the class.

Typically, this prerequisite work will take about 90 minutes to complete.


Agenda (Basic Structure of the Class)

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Overview of the CAMSS Services & Solutions Top Gun class
    • Expectations & Objectives
  • About Services . . .  History of IBM’s Services Business
  • Overview of IBM Global Services Organization (IGS)
  • Overview IBM Software Group Organization (SWG)
  • IBM Guest Executive Speaker – “The Importance of Services in a Digital World”
  • Cloud
    • IBM Cloud Software Solutions
    • IBM Cloud Services Offerings
  • Analytics
    • IBM Analytics Software Solutions
    • IBM Analytics Services Offerings
  • Story – Walmart – Social & Mobility initiatives

Day 2

  • (GBS) Application Services
  • Global Process Services (GPS)
  • IBM Institute for Business Value (IIBV)
  • Overview of Global Technology Services (GTS) & Integrated Technology Services (ITS)
  • IT Strategy & Design – Cloud & Mobile Consulting

Day 3

  • IBM Guest Speaker – IBM Client Manager “extraordinaire”
  • Mobile
    • IBM Mobile Software solutions and strategy
    • GTS Mobility Services
  • Story – Macy’s Social & Mobility initiatives
  • Security
    • IBM Security Software Solutions
    • IBM Security Services
  • Social
    • IBM Social Software Solutions
    • IBM Social Services Offerings

Day 4

  • Industry Solutions - IBM Smarter Cities
  • IBM Global Financing Services (IGF)
  • IBM Innovation & Strategy
  • Cognitive Computing (Watson)
  • Kenexa

Day 5

  • IBM Research
  • Perspective - IBM Executive
  • Summary and Closing Remarks & Awards Ceremony

Note:  Attendees will be asked to bring with them a CAMSS “story” or experience that they can share with the group, any story or experience which increases the learning experience of the attendees.

Note:  This is a pass/fail class.  At each class, there is a pre-test, daily quizzes, and a final exam.  Scores are calculated daily, and the attendees’ performances are ranked.  Top achievers are recognized for their performances.



A tuition fee of $1,500 is charged for each attendee.

Students confirmed in this class who want to cancel must do so 15 days before the class start date, otherwise they will be charged the tuition fee.

Students will be responsible for their travel and living expense

NOTE: The confirmation email from Talent@IBM is NOT your official confirmation for the class. Do NOT make travel arrangements until you receive a Confirmation & Logistics Notice from Nicolo (Nick) Carroccia, the Class Manager.

Summit New Hires will receive priority.



Click on the date below to enroll in a future class.

Please check back frequently, as additional classes are added to this list.


Class manager

CAMSS Services & Solutions Top Gun

March 7-11, 2016 - Palisades, NY

IBMers: Register via Talent@IBM, search for course code UXTG6
NOTE: The confirmation email from Talent@IBM is NOT your official confirmation for the class. Do NOT make travel arrangements until you receive a Confirmation & Logistics Notice from Nicolo (Nick) Carroccia, the Class Manager.

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