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This class focuses on the IBM Security Systems solutions, from a seller's perspective. Students will learn how every sale can and should include IBM Security Systems products, based on business value.  They will also gain knowledge on how to beat the competition and acquire the skills and tools to do it.  The instruction process will include multiple “stand and deliver” opportunities which will allow the students to exhibit existing as well as newly gained knowledge and skills.  Over the 5 days, students will craft their software win plans utilizing cross selling techniques.  Upon completion, students will use the learned skills to drive additional software revenue within their industries and be able to identify, own and close their own IBM Security opportunities.   This is a pass/fail class where testing is administered.  Our aim is to develop Security “Top Guns”.



IBM Security Systems Top Gun is a 4-5 day class. All days are mandatory



The audience for this class is anyone selling or recommending IBM Security Systems solutions, including IBM Security Systems Brand Reps, SSRs, SCLs, iSRs, Client Reps, Marketing Reps, Global Services, Industry Solution Specialists, and Business Partners.  Client Technical Reps are invited, but please be aware that this is NOT a technical class. 



At the end of the class the students will:

  1. Be able to describe IBM Security Systems solutions, with coverage of related security or cross-sell solutions as appropriate.
  2. Confidently identify security opportunities and increase their revenue.
  3. Relate IBM Security Systems solutions to Cloud and Mobile initiatives.
  4. Be able to “stand and deliver” – each student will have the opportunity to participate in a case study or other presentation of knowledge learned during the course of the 5-day class.


The prerequisite material will take approximately 6 hours to complete. All relevant links to the material (and logistics) will be provided upon confirmation of enrollment.  Testing on this material will compose a portion of your final grade.




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