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Many customers are considering Cloud Solutions and Systems based on Windows/Intel (Wintel) or Linux/Intel (Lintel) for traditional UNIX workloads. The aim of this course is to teach you how to best articulate the value proposition of Power Systems to show your customers how a Power Systems solution will best benefit their business needs.

We have restructured the class with new content and updated course design to help you sell more Power Systems.

  1. Direct focus on selling against our competition -  both traditional UNIX competition (such as Oracle, HP and x86), new competitors (e.g. Amazon Web Services) and integration solutions (Exa_, UCS, VBlock). There will be sessions for our 4 key competitors
    • Competing against Competitive UNIX vendors
    • Competing against x86
    • Competing against Integrated Solutions i.e. Oracle Exa___/UCS/VBlock
    • Competing against non-traditional competitors e.g. AWS
  2.  More interactive with fewer presentations.  We have student activities every day that require involvement from every single student.
  3. Solution based focus. We will look at IBM’s Linux on Power strategy and how Power Systems provide Analytics, Big Data and Cloud solutions for your customers. This year there will be less focus on covering “product” knowledge in this class, as this information is covered in great detail with our launch calls and STG Smartzone Modules.
  4. Focus on how we team with the other parts of IBM to build a solid IBM solution not simply a HW one.


This Class is not:

  1. An alternative to Power Brand launch education.
  2. A technical introduction to Power Servers and Operating Systems.
  3. An alternative to the excellent Technical University and other technical education program for Systems Architects and similar Technical Support staff.
  4. Where to learn how to use the Configurator and other Technical tools

This class is about selling Power Systems.  This is a graduate level class targeted at experienced Power Systems sellers with prior product knowledge. However, anyone involved in selling Power Systems solutions will benefit from attending this class.



IBM POWER Sales Top Gun is a 3.5 day class.  Class Hours are typically 09:00AM-06:30PM and there is study and preparation required outside class hours. 

It is NOT OK to miss sessions.  We try to schedule regular breaks so you can attend to those critical phone calls- Please ensure that you have someone organised to cover your territory while you are busy at Top Gun.

Please make sure that you do not book travel home from class that requires you leave the classroom before 5PM on the last day of class.



  • IBM and Business Partner Sales Specialists
  • Anyone involved in the sale of Power Systems Solutions


The objectives are to; understand, position, quantify value and help sell Power Systems Solutions.

  1. Understand the key solution areas for Power Systems, and the client business value derived from implementing them.
  2. Articulate how to position Power Systems as an innovation platform to client executives.
  3. Determine how to drive sales - especially in key focus application areas.
  4. Who can help you to sell Power Solutions – resources and partners.
  5. Understand the competition, their strategies and how to combat them.


  • IBM Power Systems Sales School (AIX and Linux) and/or Power Systems Sales school.
  • Experience in the field selling Power Systems solutions for at least 6-12 months is highly recommended!
  • Students should be prepared to bring a newly identified (SSM sales stage 3) Power Systems sales opportunity to class.
  • NOTE: You MUST complete the pre-requisite learning specified when you receive your Confirmation of Enrolment.


  • This year we will be combining traditional presentations with interactive sessions so we can practice what to say to the customer in a supportive environment.
  • The agenda will be confirmed and sent to you close to the date of the class.


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Student quotes

Take a look at some of the student quotes from previous classes.

“This was a phenomenal class” – Atlanta class CSM

“I learned a lot about the products, how to sell, and what resources there are to assist me in my sales efforts” – Federal sector Sales specialist

“Excellent delivery of material by the presenters. I noticed a huge improvement in my knowledge during the class.” BP Client Rep

IBM Power Competitive Top Gun

October 1-4, 2013: Washington, DC


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