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Class description

The key to successful solution selling lies in identifying a client's business needs and building the appropriate solutions to resolve them. This class examines the IBM Social Business and Collaboration solution set, focusing on understanding the business value for our clients, and on learning how to weave that value into client-satisfying solutions.  During the week, Product and Sales experts will guide us through an exploration of how to position these offerings to maximum advantage.  From the Exceptional Work Experience to the Exceptional Web Experience and Social Business, students will learn how to better identify, qualify, develop, and close opportunities through testing, exercises and team presentations. We will also discuss strategies, sales tools, and resources to help beat the competition. At the completion of the class, students will be better able to work with their software opportunities and drive ICS software revenue in client accounts.

This class assumes students have a basic understanding of the ICS product set, which can be acquired through one of the IBM Top Gun Virtual Learning classes that are available here:
ICS Basics:
XwebX (Advanced Portal) topics:



IBM Collaboration Solutions Top Gun (Lotus Software) is a 4.5 day class.



The audience for this class is anyone selling or recommending Lotus solutions, including SSRs, SCLs, ISSs, Sales Specialists, Telesales, Client Reps, Marketing Reps, Global Services, Industry Solution Specialists, and IBM/Lotus Business Partners.


Learning Objectives



  1. Listen to the TG Virtual Learning replays for ICS Basics and XwebX Solutions; attend a Software & Solutions Top Gun class (in person or through IBM Top Gun Virtual Learning); or have equivalent ICS product knowledge. This F2F class will assume familiarity with Basic ICS product information, which WILL NOT be covered in this class, but can be attained through any of these methods.
  2. Submit an real, active sales opportunity prior to class start (if you are in an appropriate role).
  3. Review and be familiar with the Client Value Method (CVM) concepts and terminology.

The prerequisite material should take approximately 8 - 10 hours to complete. All relevant links to the prework material will be provided upon confirmation of enrollment.





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Student quotes

"This type of training is spectacular! I am so glad to have participated in it.  The information was amazing, the speakers the best of the best. " (Mexico City, Aug 2009.)

"I loved it!  All information received is going to be very useful, and now I'm honestly feeling more comfortable about Lotus solutions." (Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 2009).

"I think the Top Gun program is really critical for IBMers and BPs.  This is one program which gives you sales insight." (Singapore, May 2009).

"I came here as a technical person with very minimal knowledge in selling.  After the past 4.5 days, I feel more confident, and I know the next time I go to a customer I can give them a better solution.  Thank you all!" (Singapore, May 2009).

"Great class; I hope I can attend others like it.  Super tool for business partners!" (Potomac, Maryland, Feb, 2009).


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