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This SALES-level class focuses on the breadth of the IBM Information Management portfolio and how the Information Agenda methodology enhances the overall IM strategy. Students will learn IM solution concepts and how to identify opportunities in their accounts.  Strategies for beating the competition has special focus in this class.  At the completion of the week, students will be better able to work with their own software opportunities in order to increase software revenue attainment in their territories.  This is a pass/fail class; therefore, there are no optional topics; students are required to attend the entire 4-1/2 days, which includes testing, exercises, and a team presentation at the end of the week.



Information Management Top Gun is a 4-1/2 day class



IM Sales Specialists, Telesales Reps, SW Client Leaders, Client Reps, GBS BAO Partners and Practitioners, Industry SSRs, BP SSRs, BPs, and anyone selling or recommending Information Management solutions.



  1. Provide sales training for each of the Information Management solutions.
  2. Help students understand the competition, their strategies, and how to win against these strategies.
  3. Educate students on available selling tools, including Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  4. Coach attendees on techniques designed to help add revenue to and close the opportunities they bring to class.
  5. Coach attendees on using concepts from IBM's Client Value Method (CVM) to sell IM products as part of an IBM OnDemand approach.
  6. Provide leadership to students in the above areas by offering teaching activities, testing, exercises and team presentations which provide practical application and reinforcement.
  7. Learn a lot, work hard, but also have fun!


  1. Submit an active sales opportunity that you are working on to the IM Top Gun Class Manager (if you have an appropriate sales role).
  2. You will be using concepts from CVM (Client Value Method) during this class. These concepts will be reviewed briefly in class.
  3. Since basic IM product information is not covered in this face-to-face class, you must attend the Top Gun Virtual Learning Information Management Foundations classes (you can either attend a live class or attend a replay) and you must take the Test.

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Student quotes

"Great Course." - GSI Alliance Manager, IBM

"The course was great ...I will use the information effectively in the marketplace!" - Client, Rep, IBM

"A great overview of the IM suite, Well paced!" - IBM Business Partner

"I have left this class with a wealth of information to use DAILY in my job!" - SSR, IBM

"Much better than the 'home study' approach!" - IM Sales Specialist

"In fact, I’m neither an expert in the technical area nor an experienced seller in this area.  Nevertheless, I believe this event was able to give me a capability to relate to my customers and the points around their business, more than technical propositions on their existing architecture.  I’m going to be better after Top Gun!"

"Greatly appreciate IBM's investment of time & money in my education.  It's a rare benefit these days, i.e., on site and not in my "spare" time."

"With this class I obtained a very good base, now I know which products I need more technical training."

"It is so helpful to understand the IM portfolio in face-to-face classes and get direct answers or detail ..... I'm impressed with the high level of this training and a real professionalism from the instructor team.  They make this training really valuable."

"This class helped me have a wider vision of how to find opportunities" - IBM Business Partner


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