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In today’s competitive marketplace, executive leaders are racing to convert enterprise insights into meaningful results. Successful leaders are infusing analytics throughout their enterprises to drive smarter decisions, enable faster actions and optimize outcomes. CIO's now consider Business Optimization, Big Data and Analytics as the best method to increase organizational competitiveness. IBM’s solutions enable decision makers to gain quick actionable insights to drive better business outcomes and build competitive advantage.

This face-to-face class will provide a solid understanding of IBM’s Big Data and Analytics strategy including software, hardware, Watson and service offerings and how to position these solutions successfully. Competitive offerings and strategies will also be covered. Through lectures, interactive class discussions, role plays, opportunity workshops and hands-on whiteboard exercises, students will leave this class with the sales skills to identify opportunities and develop plans and strategies to close the business using IBM's offerings and Team IBM.



Big Data and Analytics Top Gun is a 3.5 day class.



A wide range of IBM professionals who sell IBM solutions comprising systems, software and services will benefit from this offering. Target audiences include:


Business Partners:





Will be assigned before each class.


Agenda and Topics (subject to change)

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Day 2


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Sample Student Comments

  • “This was the first enablement I've attended that put everything together from end to end. Many Kudos”
  • “I liked the class because it gave us updated information on SW, HW, and services that IBM provides.  It also gave us great selling techniques.”
  • “Spot on! Exactly the learning I needed to bring awareness of our Big Data Platforms and Solutions to my clients”
  • “It was great to hear and work with folks from different divisions of IBM”
  • “I'll be able to use this knowledge immediately to expand my customer discussion and uncover new opportunities.”
  • “This was a great class and provided me with educational insights into products, solutions of sales that I typically do not see.”
  • “It was difficult to move from H/W to software at first.  Overall great.  I learned a lot.”
  • “Super class, one of the best. Very helpful to our daily work.  Very practical”
  • “Instructors are great!  Course contents are great!  I love the role-play part very much!”
  • “Thanks for the great course.  The presentations and practice meetings are very useful for me.”
  • “I came in with no experience with Analytics and learned a lot.  I can now use the knowledge to sell Analytics with BPM and WebSphere with confidence.”
  • “Very well structured in learning the right content at the right time for our market requirements.”
  • “Learned a lot and feel much more confident about our BAO offerings”
  • “Very good class. A lot of information that I can use immediately”
  • “Very good job.  BAO is complex and became much clearer for me.  Excellent training class!”


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  • 2017 Schedule TBD


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Tim Schuetz

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